Cobblecourt It’s hard to miss this home when doing the drive-by on Upper Mountain. Now, one of Montclair’s architectural grande dames is up for sale. As documented in the Montclair Historical Society, the former Forstmann Estate is one of two stone manor houses built side by side on Upper Mountain. The listing describes the home, named Cobble Court, as a showcase of European craftmanship. Located on a pinch over two acres of land with taxes of 54,312 annually, Cobble Court boasts an inground pool, tennis courts, conservatory, 10 bedrooms and 26 rooms total. Masterbedroom_1 There’s even an intriguing master bedroom with fireplace and the perplexing addition of a dining/conference table that appears to seat six. The price tag for all this splendor on the hill is $4 million (or $3,999,999 to be exact, as if that dollar is going to make someone feel better.) We’ve received mail from two or three tipsters alerting us to this listing (and they weren’t even realtors!). We’re interested in learning about the buyers when it sells, but wonder — could this be the next Junior League showhouse? Seems like it would be a contender; get busy gals and land this one.