Swinging The Barista never declines an offer to dance. Well, hardly ever. So when Simone Coonrod (right, in polka dots) called us up yesterday and invited us to one of her twice-a-month Friday dance parties in Upper Montclair, we agreed to go.

We are happy to report that, even for the hopelessly uncoordinated, Swinging with Simone is a whole lot better than whitewater kayaking. The evening starts with a swing-dancing lesson, and since men are usually outnumbered in these situations, they are rotated like tires — which gives every gal in the room a chance to dance with every gent. After the lesson, the lights go dim, and great big-band music fills the room.

The Barista was a little self-conscious (next time we’ll sneak in a flask of fire water), but we have to say that hanging out with Simone on Friday nights is a singularly civilized and light-hearted pleasure. And guess what? She’s agreed to give away four passes to her next Swing Dancing Dance Party June 17. We’ll run the contest the week of June 13, so keep an eye out.

5 replies on “Barista Boogie”

  1. Is this in a home? A studio?
    My sister in law used to dance in ballroom competitions nationally. She would love this!

  2. Sorry, let me clarify. This is in the Commonwealth Club in Upper Montclair. It’s open to the general public and costs $15; the first and third Friday of every month from 8:30 to 11:50 pm.

  3. I’ve known Simone and have taken her classes for over 10 years. She’s a wonderful, enthusiastic, warm teacher. Her classes are fun and not at all intimidating. GO!

  4. You will have a wonderful time. It is a very pleasant place to dance, great music, good food and really nice people. Now’s the time to cut the rug, folks!

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