Birthday_boy They’re handing out free ice cream today at Starbucks, nationwide. Your favorite Barista is going right now, up to the Starbucks next to Whole Foods, and we’ll give out a dozen Barista frisbees to whoever we see there. (Say hi to the Ice_cream birthday boy we’re bringing with us.)

Thanks to Butch for the tip.

UPDATE: Home. Yum. 250 calories. Btw, amazing the number of people who are suspicious of free Frisbees.

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  1. Me, too! We have a Starbucks in the basement of my office bldg. I went down and didn’t see any signs announcing it but when I asked the guy went in the back and got it for me! It was like the world’s best kept secret!
    Awesome ice cream, too.

  2. I used to work for The Dramatist’s Guild and got many free tickets to distibute to playwright’s to “paper the house”. One afternoon we got them so late in the day we didn’t have time to give them to guild members so I walked over to TKTS and tried to give the people in line free tickets to a show with Glenda Jackson. Many people were suspicious, not surprising for Times Square, I guess.

  3. Since I won’t be there, and I already have a frisbee, happy birthday to the birthday boy. Have a grand, special one and an even better year.

  4. I can’t find a starbucks in Bermuda, drat! Happy birthday to the heir apparent!

  5. Happy Birthday Noah!
    And yes, be sure Baristamom gets you some cake to go along with that ice cream.
    Julie, Allan, Max, Josh (another b-day boy today) and Zoe

  6. While we’re on the subject, when is everyone’s birthday? (No year required!)
    Mine is Nov. 16.

  7. Why thank you Miss M.
    Folks my age often groan when another birthday rolls around, but I like remind them to consider the alternative.

  8. Yea, I really don’t celebrate mine anymore with anyone other than my best friend and my BF. But I won’t turn down dinner at my fave Portuguese place in Newark!

  9. which place is that MM? i need ideas for a birthday dinner of my own. i’ve only been to Iberia so far.

  10. That’s the one! There’s also Spain, but I like the ambience at Iberia better and there’s not such a long wait. For dessert, Rivera is a must.

  11. Walleroo, you really have to stop “speaking” for me (or I will start “speaking” for you,telling bike clubs to go screw themselves on their web sites). My natal day, as it happens, is the same as Paul Revere’s Ride (a truly patriotic occasion), and the birthday of Lucrezia Borgia, James Woods and Eric Roberts (Julia’s crazy actor brother). April 18.

  12. “and the birthday of Lucrezia Borgia”
    that would explain a lot! Just kidding, Cathar…all in fun!
    I share a birthday with Dwight Gooden, Lisa Bonet and the late Burgess Meredith.

  13. A sign of age, Miss Martta: I had to think hard who Lisa Bonet is. I do, however, recall you as lovelier than she is.
    Also, Pam, have a fantastic one. I’m sure the sun will be a mite brighter in your side of the street that day.
    And how could I not revel in sharing a birthday with the daughter of a Pope?

  14. Why thank you, Cathar. {{{{{{{{{BLUSHING}}}}}} That’s quite a compliment since I think Lisa is beautiful. She was one of the kids on The Cosby Show.
    Yeah, the Borgias got a bad rap, didn’t they? 🙂

  15. (Mine was yesterday, June 28)
    Donna – a toast to you- we will have to go celebrate… this IS donna the doc right?
    cathar- Thanks for the b’day wish- unfortunately I don’t share such birthday luminaries as you- I will have to be content with the likes of Pamela Anderson and Princess Diana who were also born on July 1.

  16. Hunh. I went to Starbucks today. Did you have to ask for the ice cream with a secret password? Happy B-day.

  17. whaaa… also a barista, also blogging, and also in Essex county, NJ?! scarry…
    — Shay, AKA another Barista in Essex county

  18. “I think we have a romance brewing here.”
    A romance with Java Chip? It’s possible. Please keep me away! 🙂

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