The more we read about “acting” Governor Codey, the more we want to hang with him, especially now that we’ve learned he’s thisclose with Jay-Z, according to USA Today.

It seems New Jersey Gov. Richard Codey and the music mogul, both huge hoops fans, were having dinner at a New Jersey Nets game and Codey boasted he could name the colleges of every player on the court.

I kicked his butt on it,” he says.

When he’s not hanging with celebs and mangling the word “bling,” (he called it first bingle,then biggle) he’s coaching b-ball and taking his “entourage” out for pies at Star Tavern. Dick, call us if you get to meet Beyonce; we’d be happy to join your entourage, or your “protection team” for that matter.

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

10 replies on “Hip Hop Governor”

  1. like his wife, long before the Tom Cruise controversy-took alot of courage to admit to her post partum depression–like the way he stood up for his wife against that jerk shock jock–they seem real-no wonder he is not running again

  2. A politician without pretense! It doesn’t lead to a successful profitable career in this country.

  3. Hiya doing, Roosevelt? Welcome to Baristaville.
    — a fellow ERC member
    (Martta’s around here, too)

  4. The more I hear about Codey’s aggressive can-do agenda for NJ, the more I’ll miss him as a non-candidate in November’s election bid. Corzine will make a fine corporate governor, but he’ll never have the approachability of Codey.

  5. After reading about Corzine in NY Magazine last week, there’s no way in hell I’d vote for him. Having an affair is one thing but having an affair with the head of the biggest union in NJ…I mean talk about strange bedfellows!

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