CandlesforgusFriends have already flocked to the accident scene-turned-memorial for Justin "Gus" Ashe, a 22-year-old who died early this morning as a result of a car accident at Orange Road near Myrtle Avenue. This morning, at the memorial, a friend of Ashe, Jesse Summers, stopped his car to make sure all the candles in the roadside tribute, which was already filled with cards, a football and other goodbyes, remained lit. Summers said the cause of the accident hadn’t been determined, but one theory is that Ashe may have fallen asleep at the wheel, allowing his car to drift to the side of the road, knocking down a street sign. We’ll post more details as we receive them. Our heartfelt condolences to this young man’s family and many friends.

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

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  1. As a member of the greater Montclair community I share Barista’s sentiments:
    With deepest regrets – “Our heartfelt condolences to this young man’s family and many friends.”
    God Bless!

  2. Does anyone have any info on the wake or funeral? I would like to pass it onto my son, who was a team-mate of Gus.

  3. Justin’s wake will be Fri 9/2/2005 from 6pm-9pm his funeral will be sat morn at 10:30 am.All services will be held at Martin’s funeral home in Montclair nj.The family thanks everyone for their support and condolences.Family member.

  4. I played at Passaic High School and I remember having a scrimmage against Montclair during our senior yr. I was so scared about Justin Ashe putting a move on me that I would never try to hit him hard cuz i’ll know he’d probably fake me out. Well on one play, I had a chance to blind side him, it was like he had eyes all around his head, he juked right and left so bad, that he made me split, i thought i had pulled a muscle. As great as Justin was on the football field, I’m pretty sure he was just as great or even better as a person. I would always ask about him becuz I’d always thought I’d see him playing some day on Sundays. However, he’s in heaven now where he can play football with all the legends that we can never see again. And I bet he’s probably puttin some moves on them just like he did on me. Lol. My deepest sympathy goes to all his family and friends. May God help you through these tough times, but remember, Justin will never be forgotten. God Bless

  5. Gus was my brother, my cousin, and my friend. When i was in the 10th grade i was going threw some things with my parents so at the end of 10th grade year i wasn’t living at home. So we would go to practice and after practice i would go to different peoples houses so oneday i went to Gus’s house and he said that i didnt need to go from house to house i could just stay there.Ever since that day we became brothers. I mean i ran the streets with him i blocked for him when he scored touchdowns and any and everything else you can imagine. So what i’m trying to say is Gus would do anything for me but the one thing i wish i could of done for him was save his life.

  6. Man-this is really sad and heartbreaking. I went to school and grew up with Justin and regardless of the tough image he showed, he was ALWAYS so nice to me. From 1st grade all the way to high school. Even after I had moved from Montclair to Cedar Grove, whenever I’d bump into him he always had a hug for me. And I have memories of his kindness like the time he stopped working to help me find something I had lost at the theater when he worked at Cinema 23 and his kind words the last times I bumped into him at Willowbrook Mall. And even until recently when I moved to Dallas- he’d send his well wishes through our mutual friend. Justin Ashe is a true gentleman that Montclair will miss.

  7. Justin Ashe is my 2nd Cauzin on my moms side and when i found out that he had passed i was hurt because i love my cauzin with all my heart and he was just so cool and he taught me everything and the way he gave love showed that he really cared about me i used to see him everyday riding around in his car and me and his brothers and my brothers used to be in front of my house having fun and me and ‘Gus’ used to always do our favorite dance to this one song and i just want to let him know that i miss him and i think about him all the time and i am not going to stop doing our favorite dance so

  8. Gus and I were very close….We shared a relationship for 5 years, and although things didn’t work out, we still remained friends. My heart goes out to everyone who loved Gus. Remember, keep God in yor life. That should be your number one priority….once you have that everything else will follow

  9. “Gus” meaning Ginuine, Unique, and Spirited. when I think of Gus, I think of the loyalty and respect he had for others, most of all me.”Thanks for the times you helped me out.” I wish I could have been there for you as you were for me. My condolences to your family and loved ones.

  10. my cauzin gus was really speacial to me be cause he tought me alot about the streets i wanted to be just like him in football thats why i changed my number to #4 because his lucky number lead his montclair high school team to victory and thats why he was such a ledgend my cauzin gus wasn’t only just a football player he was a gift a gift that came from god my causin gus sucked everybody in to his love and he always had love for everybody expecially me his little cauzin thats why i love him to this very day gus i love you and i want you to know that and i hope your watching over me

  11. Luv ya, miss ya, never forgotten. Someone’s always thinking of you.
    Much Love,
    Elisa H.
    Pean misses you.

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