A certain cyclist we know happened on the website of the Fast and Fabulous Club, an association of gay and lesbian bicyclists out of New York. They have added a new phrase to the bicycling lexicon, which we find charming. On their cue sheets, instead of writing GS (“go straight”) at an intersection, they prefer GF (“gaily forward.”) We think that’s awfully clever.

By the way, Fast and Fabulous has 10 New Jersey bike tours on its website, including a “Shop til you drop at IKEA” ride. They don’t say how you bring the Rolig chair or Lillehammer bed home, though.

7 replies on “Somebody Tell Lance”

  1. i hate to take away from the gaily forward but i can’t believe the feminist backward-
    -meme roth again in the news bashing the diverse ads of Dove Soap –
    -HER quote “your flirting with the concept of devolution”-“I think these Dove billboards are the first indication of it. What they are is a reflection of mediocrity”—see Surburban Essex magazine–she plans another MEME day “have Sex with Your Spouse day”-no date set—sorry cyclists everywhere–to pounce on your parade-

  2. I just saw that too, cstarling– What a twit that woman is–Women with normal bodies are “mediocre”?!? The women in the Dove ads aren’t even plump– they are just average -looking women, not anorexic supermodels. Maybe all women aren’t shallow enough to consider their physical appearance to be their most important attribute. Maybe all of us are not completely brainwashed by media images that try to make us feel bad because we don’t look like a starving Biafran.
    Well, nobody showed up for her last media “event”– the wedding dress fiasco– Guess we’ll never know how many choose to have sex with their husband that day–It’s not information that most of us tend to share with the general public.

  3. a quote from Eve Ensler, playwright and actress- “The Good Body”—
    “I think what all of us have in common is that we’ve been taught and trained and programmed to focus on fixing and mutilating ourselves. That’s a core reason why women do not have power in the world. It’s this huge distractor. It’s gotten us off the path. The only way you can undo it is by looking at the insanity of the obsession of it.
    How do we, as a culture, stop buying in? I think activism is the cure — the more you focus on people who are really in need, the harder it is to hate your body. I think it’s a huge antidote.”

  4. If you have to announce a special day to “Have Sex with Your Spouse,” you’re in big trouble.

  5. My husband and I are SO excited– we’ve been WAITING for MeMe to make the proclamation so we can go for it!

  6. I feel bad for anyone who needs attention badly enough to go on a morning news show street audience in a wedding dress. Psychology 101, how to spot a sad, lonely person.

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