If you haven’t caught up with the slightly DeLay-ed Montclair Times, you’re probably all caught up anyway. There’s the story you read here about the disinvestiture controversy over at Central Presbyterian Church. There’s also the announcement of the Junior League Showhouse, also announced here, (which for some odd reason is the same house — radio personality Patty Steele’s house — previously used as the 2000 showhouse. Isn’t part of the draw for folks to go and see a house they haven’t been to before?).

There’s also the cop memoirs story you read here. But do skip ahead to the letters from readers, where you can read these two strange missives. One, smacking of hate mail, complains of gays and potholes in Montclair, the other, takes on the paper’s “unabashed liberal slant.”

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  1. unabashed liberal slant.
    At least the Montclair Times published the writers letter to the editor.
    Too bad the writer didn’t specify articles, etc that would have provided evidence of the alleged liberal slant of the Montclair Times.
    Perhaps when Rupert Murdoch takes over ownership of the Montclair Times it will be ‘fair and balanced’ in its coverage?

  2. Barista:
    I doubt the New Jersey Press Association would consider something like baristanetnew.wpengine.com a reliable news source, but when they’ve awarded you best “blog” three out of the last five years (like The Montclair Times has won for best large weekly newspaper), you can sling all the mud you like.
    I find all of this ironic coming on the heels of you “be kind” to each other post from yesterday.
    Until then, stick to reporting on coffee cups on the sidewalk. Thanks.

  3. The Bird:
    Who is slinging mud? We love the Montclair Times, hence the links to their articles and praise for writers like Eric Levin. However, you must be very overworked — keeping track off all these aliases you post under. Perhaps cutting down on all those subscriptions might help.

  4. Everyone is grumpy around here. I hope the baristas will try to set some kinder, happier examples.
    Until then, are there rules against posting under an alias?

  5. If there is one thing Montclair needs, it is a gay bar (not just one gay night in an otherwise straight club). And add a gay coffeeshop and a gay gym while you’re at it. I really wanna p*** that east orange lady off.

  6. I saw that letter and felt it was really offensive. But I’m glad The Times saw fit to print it, to, illustrate the ignorance out there. I’m sure they’ll get a TON of letters in response.

  7. Dear Editista,
    I just read in the Barista that there is an Irish bar in Montclair? What is happening to the Montclair I knew? First Irish nights, then Irish bars and next thing you know, there are drunken Irish (is there any other kind?) living next door to you.
    Where are the standards Montclair is founded on? An Irish bar: The thought is totally distasteful.
    God have mercy on us all.
    Milo O’Gwalthny

  8. Peter,
    I have posted, on the Watercooler, perfectly reasonable plans to turn the Hahne’s building and The Marlboro Inn in gay resorts. I think a gay resort would be a huge asset to the community. Unfortunately, no backers came along and both sites are being developed.
    Always looking for a new site. Especially if i can have an Historic Preservation feature.

  9. what is worng with these idiots??? Do they think that being gay is contagious? How is having a gay bar in town going to hurt them… if you don’t like gay people, don’t go to the gay club. I swear, morons like that make my blood boil! Stupid, ignorant jackasses.

  10. I thought both letters were hilarious. No need to drive through Montclair from East Orange and no need to read the Montclair Times. This way offensive ads and a ‘liberal’ bent wouldn’t be of concern.
    Better yet, move. We live in Montclair BECAUSE it’s not filled with hatred and it DOES question those in power.
    Besides, dialogue is good…without extremists like those letter writers we’d have less to feel better about ourselves.

  11. Idiot: “usually offensive : a person affected with idiocy
    2 : a foolish or stupid person
    – idiot adjective”

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