It’s the little stories, the very little stories, that Baristanet so excels at. Captured here, curbside on Hamilton Road in Glen Ridge, is a Starbucks cup left by a crew member of the Sopranos in front of the home of landscaper George Buchmann after Tuesday’s shoot. Buchmann, who saw the cup being set on the ground, is leaving it as a memento (and silent protest) of the crew’s carelessness.

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  1. i’ll send for BCI to do fingerprinting-so the responsible party can pay the 30 dollar littering fine-and then the family can sue for emotional distress–better cement it down though-the winds are picking up

  2. I’m livid. Livid, that I just wasted 19 seconds of my life reading that.
    Barista, I think the end, for you, might be nigh.

  3. I thought the story was amusing. Lighten up pal, as Tony himself might say, before you get whacked. I’ve had my fill and then some lately of tragedy regarding hurricanes, war, child abuse, and a thousand other depressing things. And I’m plenty plenty full of the usual Corzine, Bush, Clinton, DeLay, non-stop political harrangues that seem to fill every waking minute of our lives. I say more silliness and more not so serious stuff.

  4. wow, a messy production crew member? i’m SHOCKED.
    they used to leave junk behind when they filmed by my house in Verona (near Mama Soprano’s house).

  5. disgruntled, baffled: relax, take a deep breath. enjoy a cup of caffeine-free Tazo or a less expensive counterpart.
    here’s another amusing anecdote involving starbucks cups. i got a Maupin cup once…shoulda saved it.

  6. Hey – a cardboard coffee cup is nothin’. They filmed outside my old house in Caldwell a couple of years ago and what did I find in the garden the next day? Big Pussy. You know how much paper work is involved with that? Fugeddaboutit.

  7. Better to leave an empty coffee cup than a big pile of dog-doo!
    How do you like that drivel, Disgruntled and Baffled?

  8. Great photo – great composition and great product placement…
    BTW is the house for sale or just the coffee cup?

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