Maribushoes_1 We don’t know what he knows about art, but Montclair mayor Ed Remsen will be leading a tour tonight through Montclair Center, where 13 businesses have set themselves up as temporary art galleries. It’s all part of Montclair Business Improvement District’s “Artfull Living” a cross-promotion of local artists and local businesses. Pictured here, a painting by Kevin Lee Allen, whose work will be showcased at Intimate Engagements on Glenridge Ave. For a list of the other artists and venues, click here. The mayor-led tour starts at 6:45 pm at the corner of Church and South Fullerton.

11 replies on “In These Shoes?”

  1. If anyone goes, someone suggest to Mayor Remsen that Montclair hosts “A Taste of Montclair” where restaurants have free samples of some of their signature dishes. If they do it already, then I am in the dark, shame on me. But if they don’t Recognize that MyManMrMeFirstMontclair came up with it SUCKA!!!

  2. Taste of Montclair is a yearly event held sometime in October to benefit the MEDC. Last year it was at the Montclair Art Museum

  3. MyManyadayada,
    Church Street Cafe will be serving free samples tonight. Come out of the dark & come on down for free eats & libations.

  4. Kevin…great work, as always…looking forward to seeing your other works too.
    Sidebar – I’ve received about 20 emails, asking me if I’m going to cover the event, and produce a segment for my cable tv show…I wanted to, but when I asked for alittle help to cover some expenses ( about $ 50 for tapes ), I was told it can’t be done, no budget for it…So, I’ll try to do a follow up for my next episode. I might be able to get some help by then.

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