Skeletoncrew Who gives the best candy? Is your block worth the trip? A tipster writes that Reigate Road has a scary maze for folks to traverse if they dare.

Share your Baristaville trick or treating recommendations.

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

6 replies on “Boo!”

  1. I don’t know who the best block is from the view point of the trick-or-treaters, but I would say that my block is one of the worst from the view point of those handing out the candy.
    Unfortunately, it seem that each year fewer and fewer kids in my neighborhood could be bothered with a costume. They simply show show up at my door with backpack open ready to receive a treat. It’s become such a turnoff that I no longer bother with it. I just leave the porch light off anymore.
    I truly don’t enjoy being the grinch that stole Halloween so, pleeeze…parents why let your children ruin the fun for everyone else. Insist that your kids put on a costume if they’re going to trick-or-treat. Any child that claims to be too cool to dress up, is also too old to beg for candy!

  2. Todd
    Amen… there is nothing cuter than a little kid in costume, and nothing dopier than a nearly 6 foot tall teen with no costume who just sticks out the backpack with nary a ‘trick or treat’ or ‘hello’ and expects candy.
    But why punish the little ones and not hand out candy at all????

  3. As a teacher, I use their visit to give them a “I’m giving you candy. Please behave yourselves tonight” plea. They way I see it, they could be doing thousands of other things that are less desirable than going trick-or-treating without a costume. My plea is probably futile, but at least I get to say it.

  4. I was very disapointed with the turnout in my neighborhood (Ashland Ave. at Washington St. near the Bloomfield/GR border) this year. I arrived home at 6pm loaded with bags of candy and set up my jack o’ lanterns, ordered a pizza, and sat outside and waited with my loyal boyfriend. Maybe 5 total groups of kids came by and, even though I went inside around 8, I left the lights and Jack o’ lanterns out long after, to no avail. And my roommate who was home all afternoon said it wasn’t any better earlier when the lights were also on and a bowl of candy she purchased was ready and waiting. What gives?!

  5. I too observed, for the 1st time, the teenagers-not-in-costume-asking-for-candy phenomenon. Interesting to learn that it’s apparently something of a trend.
    It did seem to be a bit quieter this year, but that might be because it was on a school night for the 1st time in a few years. We went out early, and the downside there is that some people aren’t home from work yet. After a break for “the Simpsons” we went back out for another 45 min., but by 8:30 seems like it was winding down everywhere.

  6. I saw a group of kids trick or treat at quick chek – then one of them said something about going to CVS to see what they would give out.
    As a kid I never went into businesses – do you think stores got a lot of trick or treaters, and if so do you think that is why some people had quiet nights?

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