Happman_3We told you about Amanti Vino, now here’s your chance to sample some grape without trekking to the vineyard. The Church Street store’s first official wine tasting is tomorrow, from 2-5 pm. In honor of Halloween, the tasting features one black and one orange label.

The black label wine is a 2003 Maison L’Aiglon (a red from the Languedoc); the orange label is the 2004 Cuevas de Castilla Rueda (a white from Spain). Pop over and treat yourself to some great juice.

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local. liz@montclairlocal.news

2 replies on “Free Booze!”

  1. What a novel idea … might bring some life back to Church Street.
    BTW 1 – will they be carding drinkers?
    BTW 2 – will they provide warnings regardng the potential effects of drinking when pregnant?
    BTW 3 – will they provide warnings regarding drinking and driving?
    BTW 4 – will they provide information about AA groups for potential excessive drinkers?
    Now could be an opportunity for a real public service!

  2. Missed the Wine Tasting, but I did have Sharon select a case that spanned her wide,well chosen, selection of wines. The three I’ve tried so far were excellent. Amanti Vino is an great addition to the Montclair Food and Wine Scene.

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