Costume finery from Scot Surbeck (click image for larger picture):


Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

8 replies on “Halloween, Watchung Plaza Style”

  1. the best costume was a child dressed as the Pillsbury dough boy–absolutely fab——all the children were adorable-it was a cute event for the little ones

  2. What the heck had to get done by the town – on the day of the costume party – on a Saturday??

  3. Yeah I hope someone beliebes that all of Halloween is canceled due to robbery. I definitely wanted to go to this but instead I just slept.

  4. Those were great pictures. There’s nothing better than seeing little children get so excited over the simple things in life..

  5. Um, so yeah the one of the kids looking at the construction or whatever it is, I like that The Incredibles kid looks like he’s bending it, whatever it is, just look at it in the larger size. And the fireman looks like he’s just watching a fire burn down a house. I don’t know what that other kids about. He must be awesome too.

  6. ohhh, the face on that butterfly girl is precious!!! (i think that’s a butterfly costume…she’s next to the mummy, who i’m sure is just as cute under all those wraps).

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