Grxingguard_lr57_1 We’d know whether the crossing guard at the corner of Ridgewood and Bloomfield Aves in Glen Ridge was trying to be the scarecrow… or something else. (Photo by Paul Zalewski). Meanwhile, reader Matthew Dodd recommends a haunted house at 107 Christopher Street, Montclair. “Pretty scary,” he says. “A lot of cool decorations.”

7 replies on “If We Only Had a Brain…”

  1. That woman is the best! I’m surprised she hasn’t been profiled here before … she gracefully and cheerfully runs the show at that intersection every morning, and between the train dropoffs, the middle school dropoffs, and high school wanderers , it’s quite the scene! And I’ve never her seen her sweat.
    Kudos, Crossing Guard Lady! Great costume!

  2. She is such a joyous spirit! No matter how much I’m dragging in the morning, seeing her brings a smile to my face.

  3. ditto to all the above – her name is Valentine, and her birthday is Valentine’s Day, so if you remember come that day, give her a Happy Birthday shout!

  4. I loff her. She used to be at the corner of Washington and Hillside Ave for awhile. We never knew her name so we called her the “hey baby” lady. She always says ‘hey baby’ to everyone. She makes me smile too, even if I’ve almost been hit by a car making a right on red.

  5. Isn’t it amazing how one person can touch so many lives just by being herself?
    I don’t commute daily anymore, but I love walking by this crossing guard on the days I go to the city for meetings–she has a beautiful, joyous spirit and shares it generously every day. I wish she could see all these comments about her!
    I’m glad to know her name now–thanks to Mary for posting it. I’ll be sure to wish her a happy b-day on V Day!!

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