Scooter Libby, chief of staff for Vice President Cheney, was indicted today by special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, and resigned. Karl Rove escaped indictment for the time being. News conference on the indictment is expected to begin at 2:15.

Already Baristaville congressman Bill Pascrell has issued a statement condemning the Bush administration:


WASHINGTON-U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-8) expressed concern after learning that Vice President Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff, Lewis “Scooter” Libby, threatened national security, obstructed justice, and perjured himself to a federal grand jury, in order to stifle opposition to the case President Bush made for going to war in Iraq.

“Five years ago, President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney pledged to ‘restore honor and dignity to the White House,'” stated Pascrell, a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security. “It is clear today that this insincere pledge has been utterly decimated. Exposing national security information to reap political revenge, and then obstructing a federal investigation, is not ‘honorable or dignified’ — it is corrupt, shameful, immoral and a reason for national concern. With three years to go, this Administration has officially lost any remaining credibility.”

“At the heart of this issue is an Administration that will stop at nothing to hide the truth from the American people. The indictment reveals that a top official in the United States government placed politics over national security. The President invaded Iraq under false pretenses; today we have learned that Mr. Libby perjured himself to defend those false pretenses that enabled the President to invade Iraq. This isn’t a Republican or Democrat issue, this Administration has dishonored all Americans.”

“President Bush is struggling with the economy at home and with war overseas. Now he will begin struggling to relieve himself of the burden he created within his own ranks.

AP coverage here.

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  1. Please, as our Conservative brethren remind us all of a sudden, let’s not get too carried about some perjury technicality.

  2. He isn’t related to G. Gordon Libby, is he?
    Never mind. Back to the books. Speaking of which, how’s your’s coming, Deb? Why don’t you post an update and an tasty-tidbit excerpt for us over the weekend?

  3. Rove is not blameless. He just hasn’t been indicted yet and he’s still under investigation. It may be a sad day for some but it is a triumphant one for others who want to take back our country from the cabal that is this administration.

  4. “Americans are tired of investigations and scandal, and the best way to get rid of them is to elect a new president who will bring a new administration, who will restore honor and dignity to the White House.” – George Bush 9/15/00
    bwaaahahahaha, yeah right, hahaha ha ha ha haaaaaaa ha ha!

  5. Know what’s so sad? There are still a bunch of mindless fools that won’t understand that this Administration is purposely conniving and dishonest. Just like they don’t care about the fact that NOT ONE “weapon of mass destruction” was found in Iraq, yet 2,000 American soldiers have perished based on that lie.

  6. when it says libby, libby, libby on the label, label, label you will like it, like it, like it that he’s able, able, able to be humbled, humbled, humbled on your cable, cable, cable.

  7. Ohmigod, Todd! I haven’t heard that ditty in sooooo long! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face.

  8. It’s a shame that politicians seem to think they are the above the law. We the people of this representative democracy will support our President when they trust us with the truth. I agreed that we should bring the fight to the ‘terrorists’ out to annihilate us. But I was insulted that the President felt he had to lie for his justification.
    Republicans Rock

  9. El hombre de hielo,
    You crack me up! “Republicans Rock!” I bet you feel right at home in Texas. How’s San Antonio treating you? There are some great shopping outlets between San Antonio and Austin. Go check them out and bring us all back something nice!

  10. you know what? ever since bill clinton was impeached for perjury, and then got away with it, a precedent was, sadly, set. why is anyone any more shocked and appalled this time around? because of the fact that this is about a security leak and not about a b*&^*&b? thanks, bill, for proving to the nation that you can lie under oath and get away with it.

  11. ever since bill clinton proved to the nation that a president can be impeached for perjury, and get away with it, a sad precedent began. is anyone more shocked and appalled this time around because the issue at stake is a security breach, instead of a
    b#$%&@b? I guess that depends on what your definition of “is” is…..

  12. Dana,
    I actually saw a guy with a GW belt buckle. It’s 75 and not a cloud in the sky. I spent the day touring the River walk and enjoying the sights and sounds. Tonight, I am going to a dinner party and then we are going to a party at the Marriott. Rumors are after we done then we are going to a bar called “Howling at the Moon”…sounds like the perfect place for The Iceman.

  13. (ever since bill clinton proved to the nation that a president can be impeached for perjury, and get away with it, a sad precedent began. is anyone more shocked and appalled this time around because the issue at stake is a security breach, instead of a
    b#$%&@b? I guess that depends on what your definition of “is” is…..)
    you are absolutely right and wouldn’t it be some message if everyone in Jersey voted for people other than Republician or Democrate just to send a message-that we won’t stand for any corruption from either side…i know i won’t be pushing either of those 2 buttons cause they are the same button-i think it’s time try something new-
    maybe my vote won’t make a difference but maybe more than one would-

  14. I agree, clarice! Most politicians, on all ends of the spectrum, are utterly corrupt. We need a true alternative.
    As for perjury, I find it hard to equate Clinton’s lie about sex to lies which led to the needless deaths of tens of thousands of people. So far.

  15. i still don’t believe it was for naught but war is something i don’t think we would ever agree upon-however-setting boundaries is something i think we could agree to-

  16. For the gubernatorial election, I say we get as many people as we can to vote for Edward Forchion. It says “Legalize Marijuana” under his name. We’ll really stick it to the NJ politicos if we vote him in!

  17. latebloomer- perjury is perjury. it is just that kind of thought process, that one lie may be ok while another is not, that leads to the downward decay of civilized people. Let’s not play moral relativism and say that bill clinton’s lie was ok and that in the libby case, it is not ok. clinton got away with it because the media was on his side, claiming your very argument, that a lie about sex isn’t that big of a deal. like i said, the fact that clinton was impeached over perjury, and then walked away from a conviction, was a powerful precedent.

  18. Oh, let’s do play moral relativism, because the argument that Clinton is the root of all evil is just another straw man argument, not to mention tiresome. And if you want to play that game we could talk about Iran-Contra and Watergate, but that’s just history.
    Yes, a lie is a lie. But are we seriously arguing that Libby was led astray because Clinton did it?
    Juries, judges and prosecutors consider the gravity of a crime all the time when making their decisions. Why should these instances be any different?
    Foreward with Forchion!

  19. Poor Scooter fell on his sword to protect his boss and Karl Rove. I’m afraid that this indictment may satisfy the bloodlust. The prosecutor sadly will not address whether this spook was outed as political revenge. The fish stinks from the head. This has all the earmarks of Watergate: obstruction, perjury, lying to investigators, zealot politicians running rampant.

  20. It is time to hold George Bush accountable…
    One way to show our displeasure with the current administration is to vote for CORZINE on November 8th.
    Remember a vote for Forrester is a vote for BUSH!
    CORZINE for Govenor is the way to go!!
    Send Washington a message by voting for CORZINE –

  21. The Limo-Left is just as bad as the “Religious” right, and perhaps as hypocritical. Voting outside conventional party lines IS the way to go, but arguably a waste of your vote.
    Then again, voting conventionally in this election, is probably a wasted vote in either case, anyway. SO, WHY NOT!!!!!!

  22. ho hum. more national politics on Baristanet, so we can emphasize polarization on a local basis. way to go.

  23. I am still shocked that someone could go to jail for this. It really is so minor. And they could not even get him for the original reason of the investigation. What a waste of money.

  24. THE FACT THAT individuals fail to recognize that Cheney (not GW) is the (lack of) brains behind this current mis administration is beyond me

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