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  1. Finally, a place on here where I can say. “Cool Place”
    Thanks for putting all of this together.
    Despite the fact that it’s Friday, I now feel the need for a cup of coffee…..

  2. LOL.
    I miss the days of cigars and dirty dresses. Everyday I am amazed at what is going on, and what continues to go on.
    I am also amazed at my friends who don’t know the first thing about the people they are going to vote for. Rep. or Dem. alike – it is a very dangerous thing when most of our information about canidates comes from attack ads on tv.

  3. keep plant near warm window and water as needed-mine actually does nice ontop of bookshelf above window level but where there is light most of the day

  4. a little random, but can anyone recommend a good mechanic? I just moved to baristaville a couple months ago, so I’d appreciate the tip

  5. A good tip,
    As a teenager, I worked at a Shop-Rite and after taking an old lady’s grocery bags to her car in a driving rainstorm she said to me ” you want a tip kid, stay out of the rain”. I’m still pissed to this day.

  6. What do an asparagus fern and Monica Lewinski have in common?
    (Can’t wait to see the answers… (;>p)

  7. Hey Christine, try Jonas Automotive on the corner of Bloomfield Ave. and I think State St. (Is that right, Statestreetpete?) They’ve helped us keep our old car running.

  8. In Beirut tonight, all is quiet,no bombs folks. Had a great time went out to a club in the east side called Habana got to sit in in a a music session playing drums on on Dylan’s Knock Knock on Heaven’s Door,,it was magical. Back iin hotel,all is safe. Great night.

  9. Mama take this badge from me
    I can’t use it anymore
    It’s getting dark too dark to see
    Feels like I’m knockin’ on heaven’s door….favorite lyric line of all time…

  10. I am safe…. and friends if I could encourage travel I would say come to Beirut……It is one one most beautiful, cultered cities on the face of the earth.. Call me, email me iwill give you the inside scoop. BTW I will have a photo exhibit of my time here at Church St Cafe thanks to Greg Spenelli sometime in Decembe

  11. i am laughing echrisopal-i think their are fireworks by montclair state perhaps-or maybe even in brookdale-i heard it too-and wondered?

  12. For a while there, I thought I was back in Beirut. We live a few blocks east of Brookdale Park but can’t see it – I thought the fireworks were coming from east of the GSP, but I couldn’t think of anyplace over there that might have them. Anyone have the scoop?

  13. I was talking with a San Antonio local and he tells me that many rich Mexicans have weekend apartments in San Antonio so they can take advantage of the American stores. He then tells me the local joke amongst those Mexicans is that when they are poor they refer to themselves as Mexican but when they get rich they like to refer to themselves as being Spanish. I didn’t know what to say so I just nodded my head like yeah, I know what you mean.

  14. Too bad GR used up all their tar making those speed humps on Washington Street. It could have been better used to pave other, more needy streets. Are they legal by the way?

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