Happy Halloween! Only had to look as far as across the street this morning to see some mischief — toilet paper streamers decorating a house. Did Baristaville get hit with a lot of mischief or was it a mild night? Post your report here.

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  1. I think someone must of been targeting the Barista specifically. Either because they had it out for her or they wanted to have their antics published on the website.

  2. Montclair virtually wiped out ‘mischief night’ years ago with cops all over and neighborhood watch.

  3. Off topic question; Montclair has non-partisan gov’t. How does that work with BOE elections? How long have they had it?

  4. I hope that Montclair cops continue to “wipe out” mischief night and Halloween terror. Several years ago, there were people being dragged from cars on Bloomfield Ave. and merchants had windows broken by gang members. Anyone remember that?

  5. Krys,
    I really don’t remember that…and I have lived in Mtc. for 26 years. What year did this happen? ( oh dear–I hope it’s not because I am getting old and my memory is fading)

  6. Well, it was approx. 1997-1998 and it happened on Bloomfield Avenue near Pathmark. It seems gang members from Orange and Newark came to Montclair and started wreaking havoc in the evening. A couple of people were pulled out of their cars at the stop light. Thankfully, I only read about it in the newspapers.

  7. What the heck is wrong with a little “tee-pee ing” ??? It’s completely harmless and does no permanent damage.
    I’m not talking about true vandalism or criminal behavior, though.

  8. “What the heck is wrong with a little “tee-pee ing” ??? It’s completely harmless and does no permanent damage.”
    Unless you have a bad case of the runs and are trying to find toilet paper but the stores are all out of it because it’s all been sold to mischief makers!
    Happy Halloween!

  9. I used to work at a middle school in Jamaica, Queens. Each Halloween, parents there (who normally do not visit the school, even for parent conferences) stand at the doors, 5-6 people thick, to pick up their kids. In Jamaica, the Crips and Bloods take Halloween as their personal holiday of gang wars and gunfire, and their favorite place for festivities is a schoolyard. I remember one year, we could barely get the doors open because the parents were so close to them in anticipation of dismissal. The look of fear on their faces said it all.
    So, TP naysayers, let us all count our blessings.

  10. I happen to know some of those houses on Ridgewood ave, the adult owners actually tee pee their own houses for fun. It’s a ritual every Halloween.

  11. Sick and tired.
    There are no BOE elections in Montclair, the School Board is appointed by the Council and the budget is approved by a joint counsel/board committee.

  12. Well, thanks to the herculean efforts of the reference desk at Montclair Public Library, I was informed that the Montclair Melee happened on Mischief Night in 1994. Cars were set on fire, people ran into stores for refuge and had to be rescued by the police among many other things. I can email you the scans of the Montclair Times article if anyone is interested.

  13. The cutest “trick” that I saw on Halloween night was the removal of a ‘for sale’ sign from one house at the corner of Columbus Ave. and Ridgewood and its placement on the lawn of the house on the opposite corner.

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