Absolut_montclair_2_1  Reader Dory Swenson tips us that an ad in Absolut Vodka’s “Win a Trip to Sweden” contest is actually a house on Clinton Street in Montclair. You thought the greeting “Merry Christmas” was controversial? Wait til the local teetotalers get wind of this. (Just kidding. Here’s the one we don’t think would fly in the tonier parts of Baristaville.) To support local vodka bottle decor, go to Absolut’s website (you’re supposed to be 21 to get in) and vote for the ad that says Absolut Welcome.

2 replies on “Absolut Montclair”

  1. That trip is to an “Ice Hotel.” Just imagine, going to the arctic circle in winter and staying in a hotel constructed from giant blocks of ice. There isn’t enough vodka in the world to get me into that trap, and I’m Swedish!
    So, what kind of Vodka do they make in the tropics….?

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