Cheesygoodness_2 We’re not certain, but we’re going to go out on a limb and say we think Coffee Club Cafe & Tea House (151 Valley Road) might just be the only place in Baristaville serving fondue (both savory and sweet). If a meal comprised of large quantities of melted cheese, followed by large quantities of melted chocolate, makes you largely happy, bring a bottle of wine over and check it out. Meanwhile one Baristanet reader can win a fondue meal for two, just by answering this question.

How many coffee beans are in the Barista’s virtual coffee jar? (Hint — jar capacity cannot exceed 200 beans)

HINT: Number is between 150-165.

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  1. I’ve eaten fondue at the Coffee Club and it’s horrible. Their cheese & chocolate is mediocre, but the bread, etc they serve to dip it in is gross. It was a waste of our money. (Plus, there’s something odd about the environment.) If you can’t go into the city for fondue, then at least go to “The Melting Pot” in Westwood…

  2. my friends and i had the chocolate fondue at the coffee club cafe a number of times and loved it. they served it with chunks of fresh fruit and chunks of pound cake. i guess everyone’s tastes and preferences differ, but we thought the chocolate fondue was great. didn’t know they served cheese fondue though, and i’d love a chance to try it so here’s my entry into the virtual bean guess contest:

  3. Hi Liz,
    I’m guessing
    Glad to know there’s a fondue place in our neck of the woods vs. driving into La Bonne Soup in NYC. Our old favorite fondue fest was at La Fondue until they closed it down.

  4. when we had the fondue, the pound cake was really stale..the bread was the wrong kind and not toasted…and the veggies they served with it caused the bread to be soggy.
    also, be careful with their pricing., it says “$8.50 a person” but doesnt say that the minimum is 2 person per order. I saw others there that night that had no clue, ordered and then found out that they had just bought a $17 entre when they got the check.
    I’d rather travel 30 mins and go to The Melting Pot in Westwood…much better ambiance and much better food.
    Better yet – you can make fondue easily at home! Chocolate fondue especially is super easy to make.

  5. since we closed on our house today (today!) and have a huge freakin’ mortgage, winning this contest will be the only way we get to eat out for the forseeble future, so….
    (Like the mean comments in that mean thread!)

  6. Checked out “The Melting Pot” on the net and there are locations in Red Bank and Somerville as well as Westwood. The menu is on-line and looks good. Anybody else been there?

  7. there really is something weird about the atmosphere in that place. i only go there because i like the stuffed french toast but they have stupid ass brunch hours and i rarely am able to make it. and the owner seemed a bit too full of herself when i told her i liked the stuffed french toast. all “oooh it’s my secret recipe you can’t makkkke iiiit” she might have been high.

  8. I just moved here from DC, but if its the same Melting Pot – its a wonderful place. Great food, but not exactly cheap.

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