Essex County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr. will announce of a $1 million project to improve the drainage and add irrigation to the meadow in Essex County√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s Brookdale Park tomorrow and, the news advisory says, the event will take place “RAIN or SHINE.” Given a decent chance for showers or thunderstorms tomorrow, we’ll see if the county exec and his umbrella holders will be put to the test. We’re not planning to stand out in the rain just to see someone hand over a big fake check, but we do have to admit that if it does rain, it will be a nice illustration of the park’s drainage issues. Noon Wednesday next to the Brookdale Park field house near the lower parking lot. Soccer moms, go and root for the field.

9 replies on “What If Joey D. Announced a Park Improvement and Nobody Came?”

  1. It would be great if Joey would put up traffic signals on some of the county roads in these parts.
    Ever try crossing Claremont Ave in Montclair during rush hour? One could readily get killed just trying to get home from work.

  2. Ooooh! Too many straight lines in there, Deb!
    Do you remember George Carlin’s politically incorrect schtick about the Indian Sergeant addressing his braves?
    “Now listen up! There will be a rain dance on Saturday night, weather permitting…”

  3. Or, if he had the leaf trucks hitting up the county roads more than twice during the autumn season? Hell, we’ve got REALLY BIG TREES and my neighborhood looks like a dump. A little heavy rain tonight and those biodegradble bags will begin to demonstrate their biodegradability……..

  4. More importantly, WHAT’S GOING ON AT BROOKDALE PARK ???!!! Lovely that our county gov’t can come in with no notice, barbed wire the place off and install astro turf.

  5. What about restoring the once lovely pond that existed in that park? It’s now a giant weed patch.

  6. And there is virtually no snow removal on pedestrian paths in the park.
    But we give the county $25 million a year, they make a few improvements (usually with state or grant money) and then we pay for a whole ceremony for a few members of the patronage mill, who show up in chauffeur-driven cars, all of which we pay for. County government at its best.

  7. How about putting in a dog run so that people don’t have to worry about being approach/attacked by dogs that are off the leash.

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