KreskinbwAll things being paranormal, you might be shocked, surprised,and thrilled by the powers of mentalist extraordinaire, The Amazing Kreskin. This master of hypnosis, ESP, and mind expansion, will be performing at First Night Montclair on Saturday. He claims he’s been banned from casinos because of his mind reading skills, and  for more than 40 years, Kreskin has been entertaining crowds all over the world with his unusual powers.  He developed his clairvoyant skills at an early age right here in Montclair with his neighborhood pals and by his teens,  was called “The World’s Youngest Hypnotist”. He’s known for his accurate predictions, prophecies, and warnings — of political outcomes to winning lottery ticket numbers. Maybe he can predict when the town’s massive debt will be paid off! Go see for yourself, and tell Barista about it. With only one show — at 7:45 pm — it’s guaranteed to be an SRO event.  At the First Congregational Church Sanctuary, 40 South Fullerton.

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  1. Yes, Cary,that’s one of the stranger stories I’ve heard lately. Maybe sometime next year they’ll be able to figure out just where that money went!

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