Thanks for everybody who participated in our Festivus Challenge (and by the way, since it’s Festivus, if you see Liz today, wish her a happy birthday). We had 39 correct entries, and here are the winners.

Winners: we’ll be in touch with instructions about how to collect your prizes. Prize givers: thanks so much for making this so fun.

9 replies on “And the Winners Are …”

  1. Barista, thanks so much!!! This is my best Christmas/Festivus gift I’ve received so far.
    Happy Birthday, Liz!

  2. Thanks! I will put that massage to such good use! Funny thing is I actually know that massage therapist; she’s an old friend of my mom, who incidentally, will be very jealous!
    It’s good to know it can pay to live here your whole life and always be sad when familiar old places disappear and are replaced by townhouses, parking garages, prefab mansions, and ever more ostentatious diner facades!
    Thanks again!

  3. Congrat’s to the winners>>>that’s me sporting the pout in the corner–that massage was MINE-Happy Holidays enjoy your good fortune.

  4. Happy birthday, Liz! I didn’t enter the contest because I was stumped. And, by the time I got un-stumped last night, I was too buzzed to care anymore and fell asleep.
    Congrats to all the winners, nonetheless!

  5. Great, I lost again. Looks like the kids are getting ACLU address stickers again this year.
    Is there an answer key?

  6. Oh, yes, we can now reveal the answers:
    1. Marlboro Inn
    2. Hahne’s department store
    3. Montclair Community Hospital
    4. Willie’s Diner
    5. Short Stop Diner
    6. 156 Ridgewood Ave. (the ranch house at the corner of Old Oak in Glen Ridge that was torn down and replaced with a $1.9 million custom home)

  7. I’m so honored to be amongst the winners! I guess Festivus really is for the rest of us! Heck, I’d even sport a ‘bro’ (or a ‘mansierre’) for a holiday like this! Thank you Barista(s)!

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