Lots of buzz this morning that, despite yesterday’s posturing, the two sides in NYC’s transit strike are talking and possibly close to an agreement. There’s even a news blackout at the hotel where negotiations are taking place — a sign, some say, that an announcement is imminent. While Toussant is expected in court by 11 to face possible jail time, word is that Bloomberg doesn’t want to see the union head become a martyr. The Barista agrees. Jailing Toussant prolongs the strike, rather than ending it.

Meanwhile, many Masters and Mistresses of the Universe plan to start their holiday tomorrow and take next week off. What about you? Planning to leave the subways, buses and class wars behind?

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  1. Tomorrow my sister and I are driving to our family vacation house. Six plus hours of quality time!
    Someone please post a recent airport nightmare experience to carry me through those moments of telling myself – I could have flown.

  2. The thuggish and selfish TWU members are going back.
    I hope they really do get docked the pay that the law calls for and that the union doesn’t negotiate its way around the fines.

  3. hrhppg,
    Here’s an airport story to make you glad you are driving … last summer got a really cheap fair out of LaGuardia to VA for a family reunion. Took the train from Baristaville to NYC, got a cab out to LaGuardia to be an hour early for check in. 10 minutes before boarding, they announce the plane is delayed. 20 minutes later they announce the flight is canceled. Then they announce that everyone on our flight could try to squeeze in on a flight that night at 11:30, but if you can’t get on, then come back to the airport tomorrow and try again. So what do I do? Call the airline and get my ticket refunded, get a cab back to the city, take the train back to Baristaville, hop in my car and drive 8 hours to arrive in VA before that 11:30 flight would have arrived!! It hurts me to even re-tell this nightmare.

  4. In the vein of stirring up some trouble, which is one of my sub-specialties in life. . . .
    How come I never remember the predominately white striking air traffic controllers being referred to as “thugs,” but everyone is very comfortable using that term with respect to the predominately black and hispanic transit workers?

  5. being called a thug isn’t a Black or Hispanic slur if anthing it is Italian or Irish slur-and often used for Union types-if they used any word of derogatory nature-someone would have to pull out the race card-
    What word would you use to describe a group holding a city hostage?

  6. The air traffic controllers strike was in the Reagan administration, so I can’t recall what terms were used. I do, however, recall that they were all fired, so I don’t think your racial angle holds water.

  7. I purposefully used Mayor Bloomberg’s terms “thuggish and selfish” just to see who in the audience would bring up some stupid racial angle.
    Walking out and stranding millions of hard-working people in the cold (literally), during the week before Christmas, when you have a binding arbitration avenue available and a law that says you can’t strike is thuggish and selfish. Race has nothing to do with it, period.
    The air traffic controllers got what they deserved, too, so your analogy holds no water at all.

  8. A ridiculous observation, montclair_is_crazy. The world is full of thugs of all colors and creeds and even political persuasions (Howie Dean, for example, comes to mind here). Perhaps you simply hang with people too demure to term them that when the occasion calls for it.
    And if you’d really like to test your acumen at your claimed sub-specialty, you might profitably try yelling “Harleys suck!” some Saturday night at “The Notch.”

  9. I, for one, could only support the strike, Municipal workers are working class poor folks who deserve to make money. Its an unfortunate consquence for many commuters, yes , but a necessary step for the TWU in a capitalist economy which sees Municipal work as a seperate entity, simply as a labor cost,(While the MTA is trying to scrimp on their PENSIONS,-Its the MTA that doesn’t give a shit about commuters, not the TWU) This strike is no more selfish than any other, it just happens to affect people Directly unlike any other could., And Instead of aiding the rift between MTA and TWU, Bloomberg blamed others.

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