News from Trenton, Steven Plofker was appointed by Gov. Codey to the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

8 replies on “At Least They Didn’t Appoint Him to the Historic Preservation Commission”

  1. I do so enjoy seeing Satan’s minions rewarded for their accomplishments at year’s end, even if it’s by a lame duck governor. And if Plofky’s gimlet-eyed, squeeze-em-into-small-lots efforts at the former Marlboro Inn site truly signifiy the requisite experience in enlightened “redevelopment,” then Newark is Florence, Trenton Rome and Wayne, at least when it floods, is Venice.

  2. Governor Codey should have got one of those ornaments shipped off to him. It could have been Love at First Sight.
    Instead now we have a Love that Just Ain’t Right.
    Bobbi’s stock goes down and hubby’s just went up.
    NJ The Land of No Trees.
    NJ Come and See What Used To BE.

  3. Undoubtedly this is another of Mr. Plofker’s much touted charitable activities-
    From the NJ Economic Development website-
    Real Estate Development: We offer a full range of real estate development services to act as a catalyst for new investments in areas where such economic activity otherwise would not occur and in industry sectors important to New Jersey’s economy.

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