Darkrc450_1 Montclair’s own Little Rascals have reincarnated as The Radcats, a local group of twenty-something film makers. Take a dose of Wayne’s World  and a dash of Tarantino, and you’ve got a good idea of what the group, led by Jesse Good and David Jankowski, are all about. Camera, action! Run, fun, laugh, is their formula. Front row seats and free admission to about 12 short films can be viewed in your home; movies are produced right here in Baristaville. The ‘Cats have their sights set on  Sundance’s short film section. “If we’re succesful and make it big, we’re never gonna leave New Jersey. Everything we want is right here,” said Jankowski.

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  1. Just watched “Office Fight” sitting here in my office. A bigger bunch of knuckleheads I haven’t seen since the Three Stooges. These guys obviously are headed somewhere, either to fame and fortune or drink and ruin–I can’t tell which.

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