What was the best story of 2005?  We will putting up a poll tomorrow.  Let us know which LOCAL stories we should include.  Please leave suggestions in the comment section.

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  1. I nominate the NSA “scandal” it has most likely saved the Bush Presidency!
    (p.s. you only needed to ask once!)

  2. Locally, that UMDNJ appears to be so foolishly, corruptly and politically administered. How this institution came to its current sorry pass surely begs for much, more coverage than the Star-Ledger has offered so far. How this state of affairs affects so many dedicated and quaified others, the physicians, nurses, technicians and patients, to date this all remains conspicuously and tragically uncovered in newspaper pagwes
    Nationally-internationally, the determination of so many Iraqis to express themselves peacefully via the ballot box, despite the efforts of “insurgents” to stop them from doing so, and the lack of encouragement from both MSM outlets like the New York Times and many wet-feathered (and feather-headed) posters here for them to do so.

  3. How about the unreported story of Sandy ‘Burglar’ Berger?
    He steals confidential Government documents and lies…then admits to the crime and the ‘liberal media’ hardy mentions the story. Can u imagine for one second if he had been a member of a Republican administration? There would have been resignations, special prosecutors and democratic earthquakes.

  4. How about the nearly complete destruction of a major American city? The devastation of New Orleans, to me, is on a par with the destruction of San Francisco in the 1906 earthquake that we still talk about today. And of course the continued bungling of its cleanup and rebuilding.

  5. How about the story of NJ condemning itself to another 4 years of of the same ole shit after electing Corzine. Taxes will keep going up, schools will get worse, more business will leave the state, aint it great! (not that Forester would have been any better)

  6. With unanimous consent, I’d like to revise and extend my remarks.
    And now, ladies and gentlemen, the criminalization of politics is complete.
    Happy Fitzmas everyone!
    (see what you have wrought? happy now?)

  7. I nominate the NSA “scandal” it has most likely saved the Bush Presidency!
    And that is why I can hardly wait to see which friend of Rove leaked it.

  8. Yes, best story in what sense?
    New Orleans certainly has the most resonance for me.
    The development of a drug + therapy regimen that can selectively erase memories, as detailed in a recent issue of New Scientist, may be the most significant in terms of future cultural impact.
    If we’re confining ourselves to b-net stories, then I’d have to go with the $300 colander.

  9. My hopes for 2006:
    1. The troops come home
    2. We don’t get anymore snow
    3. The geese don’t return to
    Edgemont Park
    4. The leaves stay on the trees
    4. The town gets $4.5 million from
    the McMullen Family to renovate
    the Clary Anderson Arena and
    Essex Pool complex so we can use
    them year-round
    5. Miss Marta loses some of that
    cynicism and adopts a more
    positive and healthier attitude

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