Nothing says "tasteful Christmas" better than luminaria, and Paul Zalewski recorded this graceful streetscape on Wildwood Terrace in Glen Ridge on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, the night before, a family across town on Midland Ave. had rocks thrown through their windows. The family and neighbors believe the house was targeted because its inhabitants are Japanese. Neighbors showed their support by prominently displaying signs in their own windows with the word "peace" in Japanese.

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  1. My spirits were high when I took that pic, believing we could have peace in the world for just one night. Then I turn on the computer and now I’m bummed. Ignorance and hatred never take a holiday…..
    even in the little town that time didn’t forget, my town, GR.

  2. They do that luminaria thing around where I live now, Packanack Lake in Wayne… Absolutely gorgeous when the perimeter of the lake is lit and also some of the side streets. And what’s with all the drama going on in Glen Ridge lately? I moved to Wayne from Glen Ridge two years ago (was sick of paying the high taxes) and all of a sudden all this drama arises? Ridiculous!

  3. “The family and neighbors believe the house was targeted because its inhabitants are Japanese.”
    I don’t get it. Is this 1941? Have there been other anti-Japanese acts in the area? The kooks are out there I guess.

  4. Great picture Paul. My dad is up with me for the holidays, but the entire Wildwood neighborhood put their lights out just for the joy of it. So glad someone took a picture of it. Peace to all and to all a good night.

  5. My family is one of GR’s Japanese families (or at least one of the town’s half-Japanese families). Aside from the occassional “Where in China did you get your children?” (who tend to look more like their father than me)comments, we have never felt unwelcome in town. In fact, my son’s 4th grade class this year adopted the Japanese new year tradition of o-soji (or “big clean”) and got their classroom in brand-spanking new order for the new year.

  6. I’m glad that my town stood up for this family. Saying that a rock was thrown because the family was Japanese can be a complete accusation though. I know a family who had a rock thrown in their window who are not Japanese so there is no proof that any of this has to do with ethnicity or that the rock was thrown by someone in Glen Ridge.
    However, if the rock was thrown due to the ethnicity of the family, I am glad that the people in my town stood up for them. I’m proud that Glen Ridge is that supportive and close-knit to one another.

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