Yes, it’s the season for giving, but if it’s true, this is one big present. In our mailbox, this message from (or someone posing as) one Robert Chalet:

The Chalet Family of Bloomfield NJ had donated 1 million dollars to the Bloomfield education system. The Information has not officially gone public. But should be shortly. The donations had come from multiple families. The families that had donated are the dominant business owners in central Bloomfield. ” New stadium to go with New school”!!!!

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

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  1. Does the donation come from “multiple families” or does it come from the Chalet family?
    Sounds like someone trying to take credit where credit is not due. Or doesn’t know how to write. Or both.

  2. The Chalet family owns the Chalet coffee shop, the bagel place on Broad, a block down, the meat market across from town pub and other things. they are immigrants from Lebanon and a bunch of nice people. I think they even have a son who has tried for elective office.

  3. “Does the donation come from “multiple families” or does it come from the Chalet family?”
    Switchboard lists 18 Chalets in Bloomfield. Maybe he is refering to multiple Chalet families.
    Why must you assume the negative?

  4. That’s one way to help get you into politics-Isn’t that one of the rules in the politics playbook: start by giving huge donation?

  5. OK, maybe I jumped salty too fast– but you must admit that the way this was written is clear as mud.
    In the spirit of the season I’ll be charitable. Perhaps English is not Mr. Chalet’s first language.

  6. The food Romy dishes up at the Coffee Shop is pretty good, and we bought our house in Bloomfield from Eli Chalet, Romy’s brother (then a broker with Hawley RE who now has his own brokerage on Broad Street). They are very nice, warm people. I don’t know much about the rest of the family, but I gather that they have done pretty well.

  7. I had the pleasure of working with Miguel (Mike) Chalet as both a colleague when he was a design engineer and later as a customer when he went into sales. I regarded him highly both professionally and personally.
    He was a good man and he is sorely missed.

  8. New stadium to go with new school, eh? Part of the problem with the funding for the school has been caused by spending on sports facilities with the “spare money” from construction, before the actual construction and its multiple change orders was complete. If the building part had been focused on, it would probably be done faster and better and cheaper, and >then

  9. Before we canonize the Chalets, they should put some of their millions into TRAINING the nice but incompetent kids that make up the waitstaff at Town Pub. That’s if they, in fact, own the Town Pub.

  10. Nice move, but the only thing I will remember ( and I hope others do too) is that the Robert Chalet who ran for Second Ward Councilman this past November, didn’t bother to show up at the candidate’s forum; that’s how interested he was in bettering Bloomfield! They should use some of the money to buy a snow blower to get rid of their sidewalk snow and ice along the Broad Street side of their house. Thanks but no thanks.

  11. Mac Chalet is the man, he is y father figure, my mentor, the man with the best humor and the biggest heart, he has donated time, love and sweat. And to all those doubting it, cite your sources, English-speakers. Allah akbar salaam muhammad jamesh…yakshemesh! Sharmuttah!

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