It’s that old journalism standby, that once-a-year ritual for filling dull a news week: the top stories of the year about to end. Our addled brain came up with this list at 1:31 am. Doubtless, you could do better. Cast your vote, and use the comments to tell us what we missed.

Thanks for the Memories

The Biggest Story in Baristaville, 2005

The fall of the Marlboro Inn

Fumes at Bloomfield High School

The Orsini Letter

Crescent Lot Closed/Opened

Essex County secessionists meet for tea

Anwar Robinson on American Idol

Porno Hate Train

Cathar, ROC leave Baristanet, then return

Bloomfield Center reno halted by court

Montclair’s politically-correct war on geese

Glen Ridge gazebo remains idle for another year

Stephen Colbert passes Yogi and Bobbi as top Montclair celeb

The Baristas fool everyone on April 1st!

(choose your own, write it in the comments)


6 replies on “You Be the Editor”

  1. PHT…for the way it fueled 1st amendment, parenting, education, cultural and social responses.
    Happy #@$%^&**&^%$#@ damn New Years

  2. Haha, I heard that story too! Gotta love it.
    I think it happened in Cleveland tho, so technically we can’t include it here.

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