Kitchen neuroses? The New York Times reviews the trend to put two dishwashers in your kitchen, and it appears that second dishwashers are taking on a therapeutic as well as utilitarian role. The appliances are credited with calming fusspots, appeasing multi-cook, multigenerational families, rewarding neatniks, and motivating recalcitrant helpmates.  Montclair kitchen designer Sally Ross says “The investment is not that big a deal to create a little harmony.” 

Another kitchen guru states: ” During nonstop dine-and-wine…holiday weekends, you can really keep things going”… And we thought it was the company.

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  1. And what exactly does this have to do with Baristaville, or the people of this community?
    This is the type of item I would like Barista to stop posting. It is boring and unrelated to this site.

  2. Njholdem: Do you enjoy every article in The NY Times or the Star-Ledger or do you focus on the ones that interest you? Why should that be any different here? If you find something boring or irritating, just move on to the next item.

  3. (This is the type of item I would like Barista to stop posting. It is boring and unrelated to this site.)
    And I am considered a troll?

  4. Reading for comprehension: “Montclair kitchen designer Sally Ross says “The investment is not that big a deal to create a little harmony.”
    MTC is within Baristaville.

  5. What the Times article proves is just that the folks over at the Times are often as starved for story ideas as the chaps at FOX News were with their “war against Christmas” (to cast this one in politically equitable terms). And how responsive the gang at the “Style” section possibly is to friendly nudges from the pr people at Maytag, GE, etc.
    How big can this “trend” really be, given the spatial limitations of most kitchens I’ve been in?

  6. This isnt the Watercooler…you can talk about stuff “off topic” here.
    Beyond that – plenty of us have dishwashers.
    And, plenty of us live lives beyond Montclair!

  7. Dumb question: Wouldn’t two dishwashers use twice as much water? What would the environmentalists say? Tsk.

  8. even a story on dishwashers the community riled up…Bill O’Reilly’s segment on the ridiculous item of the day…do you need 2 dishwashers if you live outside of Baristaville. film at 11:00.

  9. Rather than two dishwashers, I need two helpers for my one dishwasher – one to load, and one to unload, so I can sit and read the paper instead.

  10. So many rules about what you can say, when you can say it, to whom, can’t comment on their clothes, in Baristaville, out of Baristaville.
    I’m with Butch on this one.
    Anyway, the ONE dishwasher is the center of some strife in the ROC household. Mrs. ROC crazy ideas about such things. She thinks the dishes must be “pre-cleaned” (as in “rinsed” and 90% clean) before they go in! Now, in my thinking the thing is not a sterilizer! If they can’t go in with goop and all, I have no use for the thing. I say if they are dirty after the first go around, I just hit the button again (problem solved). I figure if Starbucks can leave the faucets on 16 hours a day, I can run my dishwashers twice.
    It is not too much of a problem because I do almost all the cooking and Mrs. ROC does most of the washing.

  11. Iceman, I’m sad about Lou Rawls too. What a warm, syrupy golden voice he had, and what excellent style.
    I just got his “Love Songs” and “Christmas Songs” this holiday, and “At Last” was one of our wedding songs.

  12. “Butch, does this mean… you’re a troll, too? Oh, happy days!”
    Butch, wanna join our Dodgeball Team?

  13. Not only was Lou Rawls a fine singer of pop-soul-blues, what have you, he sang on the soundtracks to the “Garfield” tv specials! He was cool, and today, respect for his now-gone talent is “a hurtin’ thing.”

  14. I have found that certain things like egg and peanut butter must be pretty thoroughly removed or they just get caked on and are that much harder to remove. Otherwise I’m with ROC… if the dishwasher can’t get gravy off a plate, its time for a new one. Oh, and I suppose if I wanted to start major snark I would post the old “Sauce or Gravy” conundum but I’m sure that’s been visited before.

  15. Buttchie
    There is no “on-topic” here everything is topical.
    Does the Watercooler have something to do with the waterdepartment.
    Have you really gone over to the “dark side ” and become a troll?

  16. I am listening to Lou Rawls and Phoebe Snow right now – a cut from an old, old Rawls CD. His voice was an instrument – ‘BGO has been playing his stuff all day. He was a lot better bluesman than a lot of people think.
    Too many dying, not enough being born.

  17. Kindly explain the signifcance of the parenthetical number and letter combination following certain poster’s comments.
    Thank you.

  18. They’re the self-identified gang of (+/-) 8 trolls living under this blog. Do not eat the cookies they leave for unsuspecting travelers, or you will end up in the trolls’ cookbook, “We Serve Humankind.”

  19. Hey speaking of humanity-Where’s Crank?
    Crank if your out there hope all is well with your Mom and your Cat-Check in if you get a chance-

  20. Ah, thanks badd. Yup, that was a good one. Almost as good as the one where the guy had this stopwatch that would stop time… That made a big impression on me when I was about five. Ever since I’ve been trying to stop time, but I only manage to achieve procrastination.

  21. kewl, I just went on your blog hoping to find an update…I’ll catch up later.
    Troll On

  22. Gee, thanks for clarifying my inquiry. Is this a secret held exclusively for the blog clique?

  23. Nice blog, Miss M
    Iceman- for the record in answer to your question on MM blog regarding b-roll…
    B Roll is ‘background’ video or ‘wallpaper’ video … its the video pictures you see without sound, usually someone is narrating over it.
    Usually people are doing everyday things in b-roll, like walking, running, gardening.

  24. Two dishwashers using twice as much water (and electricity while you’re at it)?
    Of course not! Did the number of dishes change?
    The same number of dishes will get washed. They just won’t sit in the sink for hours till the first load is done.

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