Although we doubt it. Yes the news, again, the power outtages in Upper Montclair — with this significant wrinkle, e-mailed in by a tipster:

Last night, PSE&G customer service reps began the task of calling all of the customers affected by the recent power outages to apologize for the inconvenience and inform them of the steps it has taken and will be taking to corrected the problem.

Apologies? From public service? What’s next? Bush admitting the war isn’t going so well?

And, in case you haven’t read all the comments on Friday’s story, both Bloomfield councilman Ray Tamborini and Montclair Mayor Ed Remsen have thrown their considerable weight around with the power company lately, which might be why those apologies have been forthcoming. Or maybe they just read Baristanet. And we’ll see if the power company makes a fool out of Mayor Remson for saying that the faulty cable responsible for the outtages “has, by now, been fully replaced.”

Meanwhile, in the true spirit of citizen journalism, we put the question to you:

Who Wants Blood?

How could PSE&G make up for a month of power outtages?

Call each customer and apologize. (Oh yeah, they’re doing that.)

Find out what’s wrong and fix it.

No REALLY fix it.

Compensate customers for all the ruined milk and melted ice cream.

Be forced to attend a three-hour meeting with Ed Remsen and Ray Tamborini.

Offer everybody free electricity for a month.

Even those of us in who didn’t lose power — because we had to endure all that whining.

Submit 5,000 pages of documents to some state agency or other.

Be forced to attend a three-hour meeting with Jon Corzine.

At least as much jail time as Martha.

Executive boardroom hari kari.


25 replies on “Maybe It Has Something to Do With the Edison Historic Site Being Closed”

  1. I would vote for the first 2 choices. I think #1 they should find out what the problem is and then fix it and then #2 call or COMMUNICATE somehow what is the problem and their plan and timeframe for fixing – and the apology would just be nice (although I haven’t gotten a call) to help annoyed customers like me not despise them.
    But being left in the dark – pun intended – is just infuriating.

  2. “Apologies? From public service? What’s next? Bush admitting the war isn’t going so well?”
    “W” admitted over 2 weeks ago the war wasn’t going well.

  3. Apologies are lovely but reform is better. PSE&G needs to be more forthcoming to its customers about the status of its system.
    Hats off to Baristanet for prodding local pols into action and serving as a lightning rod for action.
    Power to the people!

  4. I had to laugh at the message we received from PSEG on our answering machine yesterday. Nice touch, but really didn’t make me like them any better, particularly when I’ve had to “suffer” through 3 black-outs (we were left in the dark for over 6 hours this past week) with a crying one-month old and a 3 year-old who is afraid of the dark!

  5. So COUNCILMAN RAY Tamborini stepped up for the citizens of Bloomfield affected by power outages…. causes me to wonder, where the hell is MAYOR RAY McCarthy’s voice?
    Perhaps he is too busy plotting an overthrow of the board of education to notice an issue that he should be concerning himself with?

  6. I didn’t need the Barista to “prod me” into action; just because I didn’t rush to my computer when I responded to the calls, drove the darkened area, and called PSE+G, doesn’t mean I (or Mayor Ray) was waiting to be pushed into action. Just for the record.

  7. I spoke too soon, we just got our ‘apology’ call, but more importantly they said the problem is fixed and will not happen again.

  8. I recieved a call from a PSEG rep on Sat. morn, in response to my email. He explained that the prob will be fixed within the next two weeks.
    The source of the problem is with a stretch of cable that runs to a Nutly substation. Over the course of the past month, different areas of the same cable were affected. They originally didnt feel it was nec. to replace this cable since it was less than 20 years old (these cables are supposed to last 75 years). After this last outage-and lots and lots complaints-they decided to replace the entire stretch of cable.
    He said phone calls will be made to each of the 3000+ customers who were affected.
    Thats the story I got…anyone else get a similar story?

  9. Hey Ed,
    You didn’t post it on the official Montclair site either-isn’t that where people who reside in Montclair would look first…Oh I guess not.
    At least the Mayor’s office (Pam) in Bloomfield was calling residents back and Ray T was also e-mailing them.

  10. Contrasting this inconvenience with those being suffered by the inhabitants of the Gulf Coast, I find it to be a minor one. I’m sure we will survive it. Guess it makes a good conversation starter in these vacuous suburbs though.

  11. Yeah right, what are you the PSE&G rep?
    Contrasting the inconvenience suffered by the inhabitants of the Gulf Coast with that suffered by the Tsunami folks–what do we have there?
    Should we be telling the gulf coast sufferers to shut up ’cause their inconvenience isn’t as great as the tsunami fols.
    I don’t think so…
    What’s going on here IS going on here – lets complain and get it fixed.

  12. No not the PSE&G rep. Not a whiner either. This is a minor inconvenience and I’m sure it will be over soon. Was once stationed overseas for three years and the power went out for short periods (minutes to several hours) near daily. It’s not the end of the world (even though it was tough to make a frozen margarita), I promise you will make it no matter how helpless you may consider yourself. Yes I understand it must have been a rough 6 hours over the last week or so.
    Actually I do think the material conditions left by Katrina and the tsunami are very comparable. Of course this is not the case in terms of fatalities (Thank God). Luckily our economy, resources and diversity are much better equipped to deal with the recovery. We do have it so much easier here (once again Thank God).
    As to your third paragraph I’m at a loss and can only reconcile it via your screen name.
    But please do complain away. That solves everything and most people shall really respect you for it.

  13. Is the Edison Historic site really closed? I grew up in West Orange and my dad took us there constantly. . . .

  14. Actually Stealth, I find your whining about other people’s complaining and saying that this is nothing- to be worse than those who are complaining.
    The only complaint that I’ve made is that Ed Remsen would rather post here than have the official Montclair site updated.
    Go ahead and tell people that this is minor ’cause that makes a whole lot of difference!!
    And by the way, it hasn’t been 6 hours over the last week- I think it’s been 5 unexplained power outages in the last month–oh dear the people in some unnamed third world nation don’t have it as good as we do- better not complain!

  15. Frankly, I’m starting to fed up with having to reset my alarm clocks all of the time. That excuse only goes so far with my boss.

  16. “Actually Stealth, I find your whining about other people’s complaining and saying that this is nothing- to be worse than those who are complaining.”
    Seems kind of circular but really? Then I guess my work here is done. 😛 But seriously you may wish to work on your coping skills. One day you may face true adversity and PSE&G, the Mayor or mommy may not be around to help wipe you.

  17. I got a message on my answering machine over the weekend, then a call this morning from PSE&G. The rep was very informative, but lost me in the minutiae of electricity. Long story short, he said what jan-o posted earlier: a cable let go after being in service for only 18 years. Normal life for this cable is 60-80 years. They are analyzing the cable, blah blah. It takes time to reroute the power (13,000 volts), not just as easy as flipping a switch.

  18. I don’t post to the website, the staff does and it’s been done, including a statement from PSE+G. You all really think we part-time council members do everything. Ain’t so.

  19. I had a house full of guests Christmas Eve when the lights went out – twice. Where’s my phonecall or letter of apology from PSE&G? Better yet, where’s my refund?

  20. As penance I think the head of PSE&G and Mayor Ed should be required to go house to house resetting people’s alarm clocks and assorted gadgetry.

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