For the second time in three days, a mugging has taken place in downtown Montclair. Last night, about 11 pm, a couple walking south on South Fullerton were robbed by a man who demanded their wallet, purse and cell phones at gunpoint, and then instructed them to turn around and walk back toward Bloomfield Ave. The incident took place at the corner of Hawthorne.

Nobody was hurt. Nobody was apprehended.

Montclair police say the victims described their mugger as a heavyset black male between 28 and 30, wearing jeans and a hooded sweatshirt that mostly obscured his face. Police don’t think the perpetrator was the same one involved in Saturday’s night’s pedestrian attack on Crescent, but they are stepping up patrols in the area and warn residents to avoid dark areas at night.

Anyone with a tip should contact the Montclair Police at

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  1. “avoid dark areas at night”
    The new mayoral platform: a street lamp every 50 feet!
    PSE&G and New Urbanism: Perfect Together.
    Astronomers and romantics forced out to the countryside.

  2. “avoid dark areas at night”
    I’m sorry but this reminds me of George Carlin’s weather forecast for the evening: “widely scattered dark.”

  3. What does this mean? That it isn’t safe to go out in Montclair at night?
    Some people are worried about taxes causing the real estate bubble to implode. This is far more significant in my (humble) opinion.
    You can’t walk home from a neighbor’s house a couple of blocks away…or walk the dog?
    Uh oh.
    And, Miss Marta? It was “continued dark all evening, with widely scattered light towards morning.” But you did make me smile with the memory.

  4. That one is even closer to me, damn. It isn’t even a particularly dark corner just down the street from the library.

  5. I have friends that live on the Crescent – and now I’m glad they look shaggy and broke!
    Seriously, this is a huge problem. It seems like the word is out that we are easy pickings.
    Years ago I worked for Kings on Valley Rd. The Star Ledger ran a story about a night crew employee stealing cigarettes. For weeks after we had thief after thief in the store. If they (criminal element) think there is an easy target they go for it.

  6. Well be it known to all muggers reading here – avoid me (and you don’t know who I am so you’d best avoid all of us walking in that neighborhood) because you’ll be in for a surprise if you try.

  7. I live on the Crescent and needless to say, my neighbors and I are all spooked! Does the mayor or police department have anything to say or comment on this? There was an article in the Star Ledger about the mugging on our street Saturday. Isn’t this the time for our public officials to at least say something!!!!

  8. We’re living in a sub-urban area and it’s not going to get much better. The young have-nots want what they see on TV and you got it in aces walking down the street. “Work hard and hope you don’t become a victim in neo-restaurantville, NJ.” (;o{.)8===

  9. Unfortunately its an all or non phenomenon. Want low crime? then either you have to be completely urban (lots of people present at all times, noisy, congested, but lower crime rate in modern times – cause it’s too easy to get caught) or completely suburban, living in a quiet, isolated area.
    Mixed communities don’t work.
    Being next to East Orange doesnt help much either, as it appears to have become worse than Newark as far as crime is concerned.

  10. What about this. Put cops on patrol in regular upscale street clothes. Couples walking together or singles, whatever. Walk normal routes for getting around Monclair nightlife activities etc. Let this be known. Now the mugger doesn’t know if he’s going to get a wallet or someone with a gun and handcuffs when he picks a victim. I think that would do more to prevent muggers from thinking Montclair is easy pickings than a few cops walking a beat.

  11. just stop all thugs and hip-hop phoney tough black youths after 7 PM who have no place to go and no visible manner of monetary means of support..and wa la

  12. just stop all thugs and hip-hop phoney tough black youths after 7 PM who have no place to go and no visible manner of monetary means of support..and wa la

  13. Why put the cops at risk having a gun to their heads? When they reach for it… what then??
    I’m all for CCTV installed everywhere. (and I know I’ll need the explanation as to why ppl are so paranoid about cameras if you have nothing to hide).

  14. This is why folks should be supportive of projects like the Siena, which replaces a dilapidated old building with condominiums and stores which will likely bring a more desirable element to the area.
    (btw, i have absolutely no affiliation with this project).

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