KreskinbwWe can’t get any word on the Amazing Kreskin’s First Night performance (except for a second-hand report at a New Year’s Day party from someone who heard he was good), but there are newspaper reports out with his predictions for 2006. Among Kreskin’s amazing prognostications:

  • NJ will try to attract tourists but shoo away new residents. (Hmmm, maybe the slogan should be New Jersey: Come, Look Around, Get Lost.)
  • Baton Rouge will be the next big tourist destination.
  • Poker will be the next crack cocaine.
  • Movies will once again show double features!

Meanwhile, we came across this little gem in the archive of The Washington Monthly. The article is funny, but this comment was even more intriguing. So we wonder, did he find it?

Surely you know how The Amazing Kreskin works. The check for his appearance fee is always hidden somewhere in the building, and he has to figure out where it is or else the fee is waived. A person who knows where the check is holds one end of a handkerchief and Kreskin holds the other. He is not allowed to ask any questions, or touch the person other than to tug them along with the handkerchief. Obviously he reads the body cues from the other person to make them lead him to the check.

Posted by: charlie don’t surf on November 17, 2004 at 7:19 PM

Think we could pay our property taxes this way? It’s somewhere on my property. Hold this handkerchief and if you find it, you can keep it.

Meanwhile, what are your predictions for the next 12 months?

3 replies on “We Predict … More Condos in 2006”

  1. I think I’m losing my mind or you pulled a Houdini-wasn’t there a post about Bloomfield yesterday–now you see it now you don’t.

  2. the “handkerchief” method is the basis of Corzine’s ($19) Healthcare proposal. Anyone know what is going on with that? I’ve got my $19 all ready!
    My predictions for 2006:
    The Democrats will bring articles of impeachment against Bush and Cheney over the NSA flap. The pressure and acrimony will build about the NSA program. They won’t succeed because they don’t have the votes, but it will play wonderfully with their liberal base. Talk of impeachment and the possibility of Democratic majorities in the House and Senate will unite the currently splintering GOP. Democrats will continue to hammer at the NSA program with charges of “big brother” and ACLU themed indignation. The pressure will reach a breaking point. Then sometime around October 20th, the Administration will declassify and release some of the Al-Queda-phone-a-friend recordings…

  3. There will be no impeachment because the President has over 50 years of National Security directives going back to 5412 to show precedent for directing distasteful behavior in the name of National Security is his Constitutional right. However, that same Constitution calls on Congress, the Judicial and the public to keep a check on that power, which is why FISA was created. It’s a balance of power issue, not a high crime. Congress, which has the power to impeach, is the weakest branch in this equation because 4 out 5 Americans believe both Republican and Democrat members are doing a terrible job, and after Abramoff starts spilling the beans no one will support any of them. Only non-politicians like Oprah will be electable after 2006. Hopefully, the public will grow mad enough that all the lobbyists are forbidden within 500 miles of Washington, DC.

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