The display of cutlery gone awry, near Valley Road on Cooper Ave, is now gone, but it’s got us wondering if plastic forks and spoons could become the new flamingoes. Is the display saying something about pranksters or residents with an overactive takeout habit? And if it were your house, would you do the environmentally friendly thing (collect, wash and reuse the entire display).  Send us any strange lawn ornaments you’ve spied in Baristaville and chat all you like in this open thread…

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

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  1. by the way thank you for the removal of my first 2006 faux pas…I promise to refrain from that ugliness,

  2. I think that kids put the forks in the lawn, then break them off. Then when you walk on the lawn it cuts your feet (or, hurts your lawnmower blades). (I grew up in KS, where kids have nothing better to do than play dirty tricks like this…)

  3. At last, a good use of leftover plastic cutlery.
    My brother and his friends back in high school used to put the blinking traffic sawhorses on each others’ front stoops.
    Another good trick is to take an item from someone’s garbage on bulky waste day and bring it back a few months later.

  4. One of my favorite pasttimes is to watch the neighborhood kids drag bukly items from my front yard for their treehouses and forts etc, only to see the same items sitting in front of their parents’ house on the next pickup day.

  5. I saw that and almost crashed me Ford Focus craning my neck to see what they were. No, I don’t need classes. 😉

  6. Oh those plastic forks have finally made it down to NJ. They have been doing that for years up in MA. It usually is seen on the lawns where young high school kids live. Around my neck of the woods either the soccer team or track teams do that stunt. Usually the girls teams put the forks on the lawns of the boys team. This little tradition lasts until their season is over. So far no one has ever been caught doing it. Kind of wonder if the parents know their children are out at 3 am in the morning. !! To me it is just innocent fun.

  7. That picture reminds me of my college days! A few of us forked the front yard of the college president during my freshman year only to find out later the next day that we did it on the eve of his older son’s birthday. We were sad that his son thought it was done by his friends. A couple years later that same son started attending the college and as a junior I ended up becoming friends with him – one night he began telling the story of the night his yard was forked for his birthday, and I had to burst his bubble and tell him that I had actually done it as a college prank. We both had a good laugh, and he said his whole family was amazed by how many forks ended up in their yard. I seem to recall we had two giant boxes of 500, and all of them got used…their yard looked like it was covered in snow. *lol*

  8. Brian McFeeley can take full credit for this idea. It has been occuring in Essex Fells for years.

  9. I heard the knives were hard as hell to put into the ground because they hurt a lot when force is applied to them. That’s what my friend told me, seriously, I’ve never tried it. I’m serious; never.

  10. Thanks for elightening us geezers about the fork gambit, girl and shermanavegirl. But do either of you know where it began? And why forks?

  11. The lawn that has been forked is none other than the infamous Nick Andlinger. It was not meant to keep animals off the lawn (that is the dumbest idea, that is like saying that you should put piranahs in a pool to keep the ducks out of it), or to cut people’s feet when they walk on the lawn (whoever said that is just dumb).

  12. Yo nigs, I had to spend 30 minutes pickin all dem forks up! I coulda used dat time for drinkin protein shakes or workin out.

  13. The above comment is not nick andlinger. AC PYOTT is just bitter about what is about to happen to him…

  14. OK, I admit it, the above comment was me, Nick Andlinger and I know that AC isn’t actually bitter, I am.

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