We knew there had to be denizens of Baristaville already hip to the latest kitchen must-have — the two dishwashers trend. Tipster Linda Sobers sends a photo of her pair at work…


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6 replies on “Working Double Time”

  1. The real dishwasher belongs to my sister-in-law…the bulldog belongs to her son’s girlfriend. Lola (the bulldog) was visiting one day and she was so kind to give my sister-in-law a paw, er, lick doing the dishes.

  2. sometimes i wonder if people really just have too much money. we lived without a dishwasher for years with 3 young children and lived to talk about it.

  3. I’d rather have one dishwasher that really washed the dishes than two that left dessicated food behind.

  4. We bought our house with the dishwasher duo already intact. Two dishwashers means you have to unload two dishwashers. Maybe I’m an idiot, but I’d be just as happy with one big one.

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