180pxdisco_ball_1Montclair High School’s Project Graduation is holding a ’70’s themed fundraiser “Studio 54 Night” at Diva Lounge this Friday, March 3 at 7:30 p.m. It’s your chance to dig out the vintage clothes you’ve been hanging onto and have an adult night of fun and dancing. $60 per person at the door will get you 2 drinks,  hors-d’oeuvres,  buffet dinner and dancing to a top DJ all evening. All proceeds benefit MHS Project Graduation, an alcohol-free, all-
night, post-graduation party for the graduating high school seniors.

Advance Reservations:
(names will be on list at the door)
Send check to Barbara Taibi
144 Buckingham
Montclair 07043

Contact JoAnn Scher, Jets5000@aol.com or at 973-746-2933.

20 replies on “Disco Fever At Diva Lounge”

  1. jesus christ, how many freaking fundraisers does Project Graduation need? i think someone needs to do an audit.

  2. “It’s your chance to dig out the vintage clothes you’ve been hanging onto…”
    Some folks, like a few who hang out at Joey’s in Clifton, don’t need to do this. To them, there is no such thing as “vintage,” it’s their daily attire.

  3. A) Why would I have kept those clothes for 30 years? (Assuming I had any in the first place.)
    B) Let’s say that I did keep those clothes for 30 years: they don’t frikkin’ fit and they never will again!! Gravity sucks as much or more as disco does!!
    C) For $120 a couple (assuming that partially dressed in a too-tight disco uniform I could ever entice anyone to share this kind of public humiliation), I can now enjoy two drinks and a buffet all for the benefit of funding a high-school graduation party.
    D) Are you out of your (gerund form of expletive deleted) minds?

  4. What percentage of the $60 goes to the highschool and what to Diva our of curiosity.
    At least this crowd is likely to be a bit quieter leaving than the usual one (or is that just wishful thinking?)

  5. This is a much better fundraising idea then standing in a busy intersection with a bucket and a team sweatshirt on.
    “Hey kids, lets go play in traffic for change.”

  6. I find it amusing that the fund-raiser includes drinks when they’re raising money for a no-booze Graduation Party.
    Not ironic, not wrong, just sort of funny.

  7. I know it seems like we are holding alot of fundraisers but be aware — the cost for each student is approximately $125 and there are 480 graduating seniors at Montclair High School. If you do the math, that’s $60,000 and that’s a lot of fundraising. Neither the town nor the school provides any financial support (and they shouldn’t — this is not something that should be taxpayer supported). $125 sounds like alot of money but keep in mind, this covers the venue, food and non-alcoholic drinks for the entire night, transportation to and from, security, chaperones and entertainment (if you’ve had occasion to hold a wedding or bar mitzvah lately, the price won’t suprise you at all!). Project Graduation also supports a post-graduation reception for the graduates and their parents AND provides scholarships administered by the Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence.
    We could take the approach that many other towns do and require parents/students to pay the cost of their participation (in Caldwell, it’s $150 per student this year), but we realize that that would place an excessive financial burden on some families. We want ALL MHS grads to be able to attend. So the fundraising goes on.
    We sincerely appreciate the support of many parents and businesses — Diva Lounge is just one — toward achieving our fundraising goals. If you’d like to help us help our grads have a safe, fun “last” evening together, feel free to make a donation by visiting our web site at http://www.mhsprojectgraduation.org.
    Jill Levy
    2006 Project Graduation co-chair

  8. You should have started raising money 10 years ago, Jill. Why’d you wait so long? Yours truly,
    President, Marsupial Graduation Committee 2014

  9. “…the cost for each student is approximately $125…”
    They could each save $65 by just going to the fund raiser.

  10. From what my siblings have told me about their project graduations $125 is a good deal.
    Heck, it’s $80 for a day ski pass at my fave mountaian.

  11. Call me crazy — but I think 60 bucks for food, drinks and dancing at a club on a Friday night in Montclair is a pretty good deal even if it isn’t a fundraiser.

  12. Tattler… nice one. It would sound even nicer on the Cuban Pete’s thread, but far be it for me to play devil’s advocate.

  13. Now if they would hold a 60s themed “Electric Circus Night,” that might get my interest.
    $65 would get you 2 brownies, a light show, & all the ice cream you could eat. I’d be so there!

  14. Tattler – way to go baby. At my graduation we hid lit joints under our gowns (toking during a short rain delay) then later drove from one house party to the next, drinking cans of beer in back yards and basements. Damn, those were the days! Man I LOVED the 70’s! and somehow, I grew up to be a respected, and respectable, member of the community!

  15. What a wonderful night…the lounge was filled and the dance floor was jumping -to the tunes of the 70’s, as the Project Graduation fundraiser swung into full gear.
    JoAnn Sher and Jill Levy, co – chairs, provided a unique event to help raise much need funds for this very worthy project..all MHS seniors will benefit from such activities.
    The feedback from a few parents, was one of being ‘proud to help’…a kind of vibe you felt all night..there were even some who did not have a child in the senior class, but just wanted to donate to the cause – just to do it.
    Erin Taggart, the Gen. Manager of Diva, who was adorned in her ” Studio 54 ” outfit ( which was the theme for the night ), presented a professional and relaxing environment…the club looked great…..something others might consider, when looking for that after work place for their special event.
    I will have a segment on the nights’ activities on a future broadcast of my cable show ‘Inside Montclair’, on Tv – 34. Also, a clip from the book signing by Debra Galant for her new book Rattled, held at the Watchung Booksellers.

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