Queer guys are on the lookout for straight guys at the Montclair YMCA. But not in the locker room. Seen on the glass case in the Y’s lobby, orange flyers looking for “NYC/NJ Men” to be on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

QE wants U!
Be the next straight guy on QE!
Looking for Lots of Personality and Interesting Stories.
Must Live Within 25 Miles of NYC

The official number on the flyer is 212.500.6278, but two handwritten numbers are also scrawled on 973.851.1180 and 646.479.0574. Or check out the QE website.

19 replies on “Metrosexuals Need Not Apply”

  1. We always wanted to enter my dad for this but we’d be afraid he might hurt someone if they tried to shave his mustache. He’s had the mustache my whole life. Actually, longer than that: even my mom has never seen him without it (only in pictures).

  2. OUT: Queer Eye
    IN: Brokeback Mountain
    QE’s 15 minutes are up. Bravo’s creative team needs to come up with a new show, not recycle yesterday’s pop culture.

  3. “Must Live Within 25 Miles of NYC”
    The FAB5-mobile (GMC Yukon) gets 12 mpg. Sounds like budget cuts are already in effect.

  4. Well, Iceman the deaths of the true greats truly come in threes: Knotts, McGavin and Weaver. They are the equivalent of Olivier against, say, Ledger and Gyllenhaal.
    But why did you refer to Dennis Weaver as a “metrosexual?” Unlike the stars of “Brokeback..,” and this was quite evident in that movie, he could actually ride a horse and speak in coherent sentences without mumbling.

  5. Jim,
    The 25 mile limit is the film zone. If the crew shoots outside of the 25 mile radius, the production gets charged overtime and travel per diem.
    One of the reasons Montclair is a popular location area, it fall within the zone.

  6. “But why did you refer to Dennis Weaver as a “metrosexual?”
    cathar…it was a tongue in cheek reference to the satorial splendor ‘Chester Goode’and Detective McCloud.

  7. They could have touched up that girls ass a little better on the temptation island website. And why do they look like they are just bouncing in and not walking?

  8. What would happen if Fox put the Trolls on Temptation Island? “Say, baby, do u like my hairy feet?”

  9. Well, Iceman, perhaps he was a genuine metrosexual. As McCloud, he wore high-heeled boots, tight pants and a shearling jacket with a fur collar. That is a fair amount of adornment for a mere deputy.

  10. OOOOOh a thong and hairy feet- where’s my camcorder we’ve got the makings of an “underground hit”

  11. There’s something undeniably sad about the idea that a vital part of someone’s self-identity consists of their identification with a group of imaginary confederates who repeatedly post on a public message board the same lame references to themselves over and over and over. ROC may be a pompous ass but at least he has his own opinions and doesn’t need to form some silly group to congratulate himself everytime he posts.

  12. you_gotta_believe_2006,
    Bite me…how’s that for an intellectual response?
    Hey, kids are word for today is pompous…can you say POMPOUS

  13. There’s something undeniably depressing about someone who posts so enviously above, too. And ROC is not a pompous ass nor are any of us, as it turns out, “imaginary.” Perhaps your friends in life are, montclair_is_crazy (the new updated version?), but trolls decidedly are not.
    Be careful, too, what you say. You don’t want to awaken the sleeping giant of trolldom. Why, we might rise up and in reprisal elect Tom Kean Jr. as the next senator from NJ.

  14. Egad, I just joined back up, too. I better make sure I look presentable when I go to get my photo taken.

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