Joan_galligan_1 The Verona man who was a suspect in the December murder of Joan Galligan (left) was arrested today in Florida. The suspect, Herbert Maisenbacher, 57, is being held in Florida, pending extradiction to New Jersey.

The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office news release identifies Maisenbacher as a resident of Verona. Maisenbacher’s son is a veterinarian in Gainesville, where Maisenbacher was arrested.


An arrest warrant for Maisenbacher was issued yesterday. Bail is set at $1 million. If convicted, Maisenbacher faces 30 years to life.

“We are thrilled with the news,” Galligan’s daughter, Kimberly Cicala, told us by e-mail.

It is bittersweet in a way, of course, but we know that the arrest is a necessary step toward reaching resolution for my mom, and for the people she left behind. I look forward to Mr. Maisenbacher’s return to New Jersey and to our going forward with the criminal proceedings. I hope my mother is smiling down on us.

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  1. …not always in “our” time-
    Good news-thinking of you and yours–your mother would be proud- you have handeled yourself with great restraint and dignity-continued support and prayers.

  2. Congratulations to Inv. David Rubin of the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office Homicide Squad and Lieutenant Mark Dailey of the Glen Ridge Police Department.

  3. “your mother looks like a lovely and kind lady.”
    That’s excatly what struck me also — a beautiful and caring woman. Deepest sympathies and kudos to the GRPD.

  4. Good job, GRPD. It’s nice to know that this miscreant is off the streets, in Verona, as well in Florida.
    And ditto to what Cstarling says: continued prayers and support for Kimberly and her family.

  5. How tragic for everyone. FBI statistics indicate most women are harmed by a man they know, not a stranger, such as perhaps in this case.
    My heart goes out to the Galligan family and the Maisenbacher family. Why violence becomes an option for people is a sad riddle. Governments and individuals still see violence as an acceptable option. It’s as old as humanity itself.

  6. This is a headline story on 1010 WINS this morning too. Good job GRPD.
    Oatperson – the victim & the arrested guy knew each other for 25 years & used to work together. The radio story characterizes them as “friends.” Far from a stranger.

  7. Crank, Can you read?? My post said “not a stranger”, “someone they know”. Perhaps you haven’t had your coffee yet. You understood the opposite of what I said.

  8. Crank, Sorry – now that I re-read my sentence, perhaps it was confusing. Maybe it is I, who needs the cup of coffee.

  9. Great job to David Rubin of the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office Homicide Squad and Lieutenant Mark Dailey of the Glen Ridge Police Department. The police can only do the job if they are supplied with good information to nail down the case. A special thanks goes to the people that loved Joan and pointed out this pathetic individual. Your leads kept the pressure on and made him freak out. He kows what he has done may he sit and dwell on the fact he should of just walked away. May God bless the familes of all involved. We wait for Justice!

  10. Kim I hope you continue to receive justice and that a insanity plea is hopefully out of the question here. I am continuing to pray for all involved.

  11. Oats, I took these phrases as going together – “not a stranger, such as perhaps in this case.”
    But I freely admit I was still working on my morning tea at that point & things aren’t always clear to me before I finish that first pot!

  12. Ms Cicala,
    I know that nothing can can make up for the loss of your mother, but I hope that justice will be done and that this will bring you some comfort.

  13. As always, thanks so much to everyone for you continued prayers and support. This process is such a rollercoaster, but we are doing the best we can. This arrest is the first major step in the long road to justice, and my resolve runs deep. I have inherited my mom’s fortitude. When, and only when, we reach resolution of this very dark time in our lives, my family, friends and I will rest easy for my mom.
    Kimberly Cicala

  14. I knew both joan and Herb very well. I respected them both as professionals and and shocked and saddened to learn of this tragic event. There is nothing that can bring her back or offer any explanation for his actions. It is a tragic and sorry event. Kim, I met you once many years ago and my sincere thoughts are with you now. may she rest in peace.

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