Believe it or not, Alastair Chivers, a university student in Scotland, is actually studying newsblogs like ours to see how soon we’ll put The New York Times out of business. Go show Alastair what a 900-pound gorilla we are by taking her his poll.

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  1. I don’t think the New York Times needs your help in the going out of business department.

  2. I don’t think they’ll go out of business but I don’t consider them the paper of record any longer.

  3. Alastair is indeed male, aged 24, a journalism student and writer for several Scottish newspapers. And, Miss Martta, if The New York Times is no longer the “newspaper of record,” what is? Fox News? Baristanet? The East Overshoe Penny Saver? Or, Gawd Fawbid, The Washington Post?

  4. Conan, the true newspaper of record remains Variety. And on a somewhat less boffo level for us loyalists, The Columbia Spectator. In an even narrower sense, despite their current problems, either The Sporting News or The National Inquirer.

  5. rrrr, stop your crabbing. You don’t have to read me if you don’t like what I say, you just have to be able to read. You do qualify there, yes?

  6. Conan: There simply isn’t one any more. You just have to read a whole bunch of ’em and draw your own conclusions.

  7. Ms. Martta,
    Respectfully, you always did. In spite of it’s liberal editorial stances, the NYT is still the most relied-upon journalistic source today and probably employs the most talented newsgatherers on the planet. Sorry you no longer consider it the paper of record, but we won’t cut off your subscription because of that! :}

  8. I guess it lost a little credibility with me after the whole Jayson Blair/Howell Raines fiasco.

  9. Blair/Raines is what can happen when an organization becomes too politically correct for its own good. That there haven’t been more scandals like that surprises me in this litigious age. But I think the kind of embellishment Blair was guilty of was more individually self-serving than it was propagandistic, unlike a lot of other media sources.

  10. Since we seem now to have an infestation of honest-to-goodness “trolls” (though I think it is only, really one) haunting the site, I suggest the normal cure might be employed. Which is to say ignore their comments and refrain from response.

  11. Cather,
    Seems nobody cares about your idotic remarks and stupid words you use in your less than interesting comments.
    You are clueless!
    Get a life!

  12. I see that the denizens of the cheap seats of the intellect are out again during spring break. Warming up for Restaino’s day in court, no doubt. How bracing it is to see their printed attempts at nastiness fall short again and again.
    Conan, I kind of doubt today that the NYT “employs the most talented newsgatherers on the planet.” I’d personally bet that some extremely competitive Brit daily does. That point notwithstanding, what I pick up from reading the Times is a sense of reportorial malaise. They dredge up the same stories time and again, seem to lack real initiative. And the paper as a whole seems sapped and etiolated by all the effort put into those pointless new sections (anyone for the “Funny Pages” in the Sunday magazine? for “Styles of the Times?” even for that shipwreck of a travel magazine called “T?” The Times very rarely seems to muster up much energy, and those talented newsgatherers you cite seem to have one eye on prospective book deals when they cover stories, one on the new story they seem to be covering. It strikes me as a very weary newspaper. Where Brit journals stress enterprise and spirit, the Times seems to me mired in the conviction that it is “great” without any real comparable effort to make it so. And the cultural coverage is just laughable. If this is the newspaper of record, the “record” is still vinyl.

  13. Conan, I take it you work for the paper.
    The bias arises in many places besides the editorial page. I have no problem reading a paper whose editorial bias I disagree with. In fact, it’s a good thing to do. However, the NY Times lets the bias seep in everywhere. Conservatives don’t feel like the paper gives even the slightest degree of fairness to the conservative viewpoint.
    For us, the NYT reads as biased as Fox News does to you.

  14. The cather crew is out in droves.
    Are these poeple really serious?
    Right of Center?? Trademarked no less.
    You’ve got to be kidding me.
    What kind of a name is walleroo?
    Did you think of that name yourself?
    It’s the idiot club for men and Cather isn’t only a client. She owns the club.
    Cather, that is a girls name, isn’t it?

  15. With all due respect to Conan, who I admire, well said, Cathar.
    Today’s NY Times is like the most popular guy or gal in high school. Everyone knows they’re popular but no one really knows why.
    I find that a lot of the articles and ideas put forth by The Times are no longer new or original. In other words, it is being scooped.

  16. Not really stupid. I found this batch of cabbage heads by doing a search for
    Fact is there is a but this string of idiotic comments was first so I clicked and read what these JO’s are writing.
    Seems Montclair has a few housewives who need to get a life.
    Don’t you all have toilets to clean or something?

  17. I dislike critics who offer no positive contribution.
    If you don’t like the NY Times, then what is an example of a really good newspaper to you?
    If you don’t like Fox News, then what is an example of a really good news network to you?

  18. Conan, I can suggest two Brit papers I think are very well done. I know they have a very liberal bias, but still, they’re good to read: The Independent and The Scotsman. And I sense in both much more journalistic devotion than I get from the Times. (Where the house idea of a true “conservative viewpoint” is either David Brooks or John Tierney, who had that curious column a week or so ago explaining why he had no problem with polygamy. I doubt the ghost of Meyer Berger was amused.)

  19. RRRR, apparently Cathar is a male. And don’t even bother because he prides himself on his “grammaticaly pristine posts” (those are his words).
    When I read his posts all I picture is the anal retentive Niles Crane on Frasier.

  20. rrrr, when you strain your sphincter to produce those posts of yours, could you at least use a comma or two where one is supposed to go?
    Thanks so much for ranting futilely. You too, Pat.

  21. Oh, I get it…….cather is a he she.
    That explains the need for an enima and all the anal retentive remarks.
    Cather is too busy writing hard to understand words that he forgot what sex he is.

  22. Cathar loves to hear himself talk. Or should I say, loves to read his own posts. Watch closely – he’ll comment on anything. And, as is evident above, can be baited into commenting on the most idiotic of conversations.
    Even more pathetic – these people have a “gang.” They want to be called “trolls.”

  23. Yeah sure cather………when you become President, I’ll actually think about where the correct puncuations go in my letters to you.
    But as long as I’m writing you here on a bullshit site like this for anal housewives without a clue, I really don’t see the need to put that much effort into it or to spellchack my posts.
    Please! Give me a break.
    Where the hell do they find idiots like that?
    Do you really have that much time on your hands? If I cared about my spelling I’d hire a secratary.
    Who gives a shit?

  24. The Times is a big beast. It has some great journalism–truly none better you’ll see anywhere–and, as cathar says, it also has a lot of pretty flat, dutiful, uninspired stuff. As to the bias, I must say I agree with ROC (oh Lord, help me) on the whole. There’s an ossification of outlook (if that’s the word) that doesn’t seem to want to budge, even though the world has changed greatly. David Brooks and John Tierney may not satisfy you veins-in-the-teeth, flesh-ripping righties, but they have a freshness of outlook that really stands out from the rest of the paper. But let’s not cry too much over the Times. That there’s no newspaper of record anymore is a good thing. That paper in its day had way too much power (still does).

  25. Neocons, your ranker is tiring.
    Baristanet, you should find a blogging system that allows users to vote out comments like

  26. It sounds like cather needs to get out in the real world.
    Go get a life cather.
    There are 5 people who could care less about you or your comments.
    Did you write a book or something that I should know about?
    How to spell check baristanet posts.

  27. “a… site like this for… housewives without a clue”
    Actually, the audience for Web sites like this is largely male, probably mostly bald, with high net worth and education levels, who surf while they’re supposedly at work. Ever notice how posts pick up in the morning, then there’s a lunch slump, then they pick up in the afternoon, die almost completely during commute/ dinner hours then pick up again in the evening and then die down just before the Daily Show starts?

  28. yeah, like the stock market.
    But I doubt anyone on this thread has a networth amounting to much.
    Except me of course.
    But then I’m not in your little minded family now am I.
    It seems all you bald housewives know each other.

  29. lasermike, did you mean that our ranker, otherwise known (today, I’m sure he has several other names) as “rrrr” is tiring? And by that did you mean he’s winding down? )Do you really even wish to be associated with his likes, if it comes to that?)
    Or did you mean that you find the rancor of neo-conservatives tiring?
    Conan, I for one apologize for the potty-mouthed foolishness of several posts above, they don’t seem to be able to help themselves. I have no idea if (as ROC surmises) you work for the Times, even if I somehow doubt you’d be as big on its “greatness” if you did. But the debate about what constitutes a good newspaper is a vital one.
    Personally, I miss the old Herald-Tribune. And even the Post when Wechsler was editor.

  30. high net worth and education levels?
    What the hell does an education have to do with making money?
    Satistics show most college grads suck at making anykind of income higher than a gas station attendant.
    Who you kidding?
    Stop blowing smoke up your ass right of center.

  31. Cathar,
    I only infered from Conan saying:
    ” Sorry you no longer consider it the paper of record, but we won’t cut off your subscription because of that!”

  32. probably mostly bald, with high net worth and education levels, who surf while they’re supposedly at work
    Why would anyone need to try and justify their high net worth, or the job they have that they sit at and type to nobodys on here?
    I’m missing something in that stupid statement.

  33. My estimate of a high net worth is obviously more than yours will ever be.
    What are you worth old man?? Still working and slacking off at your job obviously!

  34. “You don’t have to read me if you don’t like what I say”
    But you read what I write all the time and you HATE what I say. Also I thought you were a man not a woman, someone called you a she before.

  35. “I only infered from Conan saying:…we won’t cut off your subscription…”
    ROC: that was followed by a smiley face, the international symbol of Falling Prices and intensely subtle sardonism.

  36. Bleep! Sorry. THe word was supposed to be “sardonicisim.” Meds kicking in. Later…

  37. Abundant locks I’m sure they are, Miss M.
    Just to be clear, I was most certainly not implying that I have a high net worth or education level, though I, uh, do happen to be follicularly challenged.

  38. are marsupials typically follically challenged? I know as a Troll that dipillatory services are always needed.

  39. Alastair Chivers isn’t going to get a very high opinion of American intellectualism if he reads this blog today and this thread in particular. But if the verbal slobs above wish to fan the flames of anti-Americanism in this fashion, so be it, I suppose.

  40. Yes, yes! Let’s sound intellectual for cyberspace!
    Cathar! You lead the way my boy. Cheerio! Hi ho! Pull the polo ponies out the stable!

  41. I don’t know about you, cathar, but I’m going to go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather.

  42. rrrr, stuff it in your pipe and smoke it if you like. that might actually make you smarter.

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  44. wow….now I get it. All the idiots in Montclair are on this site all day.
    loc, roc, mikey, cather…..when does it end?

  45. let me try this again.
    rrr is a tool box!
    no, tools are kind of cool…
    rrr is a jackass!
    i like donkeys sort of…
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    ok, that works…

  46. Here is an example of how the liberal bias of the NY Times is in the dna of the paper.
    In an article, Rick Santorum was described as the ‘conservative right- wing republican senator from pa. Ted Kennedy was described as the democratic senator from Ma. Notice he wasn’t described as the left-wing liberal but santorum got what the Times considers the perjorative labels.

  47. ROC,
    Wow, thanks for making my point. It’s scary how they don’t want to report the news anymore but rather skew it to their view. I love the paper but I wish they would go back to practicing journalism instead of preaching in every story.
    Miss M…gotta save that along with cathar’s description of liberals

  48. I’ll wait to see the transcript of the proceedings. The Washington Times is no bastion of neutrality.
    However the guys at powerline are usually correct.

  49. Yeah, ROC, the Wash Times is definitely biased but the NY Times has a bad track record the last couple of years. I will reserve judgment till the proceedings are released.

  50. Iceman, even when the transcripts are finally released, the trick is often in what parts a newspaper chooses to cite in its coverage. “Good” editing of hard-to-obtain documents can be as much a tool of bias as the writing up of stories.
    I can’t trust the Washington Times if only because Sunny Mung Bean and his merry band own it. Years ago, I did some tennis stories for the Unification Church’s old NYC venture, “News World.” Took me months to get paid, and when I did, it took 4 bank officers to approve cashing the check. I have no idea what that was all about, but I’ve never had that much delay ever before or since in my freelancing life.

  51. it has to be an unedited transcript. That’s the beauty of the internet. Someone reputable will have an un-edited one eventually.

  52. Cheers for the link Debbie!
    I just thought I’d rectify the question about my sex, I can safely say that I’m a male.
    Anyway, thanks for all the interest, it’s very much appreciated!

  53. The lights are on in Fenway.
    Sitting in Bean town
    Listening to Allman Bros.
    and checking B’net
    looking forward to home &
    sweet Melissa
    as I stare out of Jillian’s,
    the lights are on in Fenway.

  54. So – did ANY of you actually complete the questionnaire? Or were you all too busy trying to impress each other with your vocabularies and wit?

  55. Gee–
    I wonder what kind of footnote in the Significance of Journalistic Weblogs dissertation this thread is going to get. Boys and girls, when we have guests from far away, we’re supposed to play nice. What an embarrasing thread. I frankly don’t know what is worse, the scatalogical name calling or Walleroo’s assertion that David Brooks’ outlook is “fresh”.

  56. So – did ANY of you actually complete the questionnaire? Or were you all too busy trying to impress each other with your vocabularies and wit?

  57. Unbelievable. Cather and Lasermike are still here typing like a couple of wash women in a laundromat. In fact I see all the villige idiots are still one here cstarling, right of center, notteham, walleroo, left of center and John Farrele, aka iceman.
    You all must be confined to house arrest or something of that naturee. I can’t see why a bunch of old bald guys would care to sit here and talk about gossip all day when the whole world is out there waiting for you to join it. Go out and make some money for God’s sake alreay. Do something constructive with your lives.
    Is it essex county you guys are in or is it rahway?
    You two must be getting paid to do this shit!

  58. The NYTimes has become a liberal trash rag. (and I’m a democrat, so you know it’s gotta be real bad).
    Would love to see you guys, or anyone, put it out of business.

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