Ace photographer Scot Surbeck, who took this picture of a raccoon skull yesterday in Montclair, wants to remind everybody that life is fleeting. Go smell the crocuses before they smell you.

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  1. Rocky Racoon is pushing up purple and yellow flowers.
    Sir Paul may not like that.
    You know, he turns 64 on June 18. Will you still need him? will you still feed him?

  2. “You’re opening up this string to a ton of cheap shots.”
    And how is this is different from any other day on Baristanet? LOL.

  3. Where’s the evidence that this is a coon skull & not an unfortunate cat that got spaded before his time?

  4. Damn you’re good!
    I have been tutoring cats for years though & it’s almost as frustrating as herding them.

  5. next Monday is opening day of baseball…a right of passage for many men who grew up pre 1980. Nothing like the sound of the first pitch hitting the catcher’s glove, the green of the outfield grass, the screaming at the umps and the smell of hot roasted peanuts. Play ball.

  6. A lovely photo. Memento mori. The prominent, now-useless fang makes me positive this was once a leftist of some sort. I keep thinking of so many small-brained, once-frequent posters whose skull it could be.

  7. Scot, were you walking around with your camera yesterday by The Daily Soup? I may have seen you. If not, there is a guy walking around with a camera over in that area and he must be stopped.

  8. Katie,
    I’d be thrown off the campus after reports of a dirty old man with a camera was following around co-eds in halter tops.

  9. Let children walk with Nature, let them see the beautiful blendings and communions of death and life, their joyous inseparable unity, as taught in woods and meadows, plains and mountains and streams of our blessed star, and they will learn that death is stingless indeed, and as beautiful as life.
    john muir

  10. Let children walk with Nature, let them see freakin’ racoon skulls and stuff, did you see those teeth, they’re cool, like some kind of giant vampire rat or something, I wonder if it had rabies, can the flowers get rabies, and they will learn that death is stingless indeed, and as beautiful as life.
    the ghost and mrs. muir

  11. not a fan of the Seirra club I guess–lol-yes sorta like that-I am certain the rabid spittle has since been dried and washed away from the elements –instead a “study” of nature.

  12. Hey, I just saw “BaristaVille” praised and BaristaNet linked on an ex-pat blog I read!

  13. I’m boycotting baseball this year, Ice. Did you know they make the bats out of wood? Each base hit represents another tree murdered.

  14. Oh, the horror! The baseballs are covered in LEATHER from real once-live animals. And the gloves are made from Naugahyde. Do you know how many Naugas have to die to make one baseball glove? The shock and horror of it all!

  15. walleroo,
    that’s ok, there’s always high school and college baseball with the aluminum bats. how many aluminum trees does it take to make a bat?

  16. I’m also boycotting little league games–because of the aluminum bats. Aluminum smelting releases carbon into the atmosphere, which warms the climate and lead to increased tree growth… ooops! Never mind.

  17. Unbelievable. Cather and Lasermike are still here typing like a couple of wash women in a laundromat. In fact I see all the villige idiots are still one here cstarling, right of center, notteham, walleroo, left of center and John Farrele, aka iceman.
    You all must be confined to house arrest or something of that naturee. I can’t see why a bunch of old bald guys would care to sit here and talk about gossip all day when the whole world is out there waiting for you to join it. Go out and make some money for God’s sake alreay. Do something constructive with your lives.
    Is it essex county you guys are in or is it rahway?
    You two must be getting paid to do this shit!

  18. Hey Scot,
    That’s pretty cool- I wouldn’t have been able to ID it as a racoon- what a tooth!

  19. Actually I’m sorry I made that up, but it looks like it fits that animal more right? I mean has Scot studied animal skulls for an entire semester? Probably not. So I think both our guesses should be counted.

  20. Whoa there…. Now that’s a bit of expertise I wouldn’t have expected from katie. You go girl, er, woman.
    So what course was this exactly where you studied animal skulls? Why in the world would you do that? I’m just curious.

  21. Katie and cstarling,
    I saw the 3rd episode of the Soprano’s last night and Edie is spectacular. The show has turned out like I hoped…there is gonna be a fight for the conceived power vacuum now that Tony is out of commission.

  22. Hey hey walleroo, I have studied many other interesting things too. I’m an art student not a biology major. So maybe I’ve spent an entire semester painting animal skulls, ever think of that?
    And Iceman, I think Tony will be up on his feet soon enough. As we saw with Silvio, no one else knows how hard it is being boss and they have asthma attacks. Does anyone here watch The Office? It’s num nums.

  23. I am glad you do your research. So was that you? Walking around with your camera on Tuesday on Watchung?

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