Montclair1_033006 From our favorite cyberarian Arnie, we learn that 7Online was circling Baristaville today reporting on an early morning fire in Bohn Hall, a high-rise dormitory, that lead to an evacuation at Montclair State today. Reports so far indicate that only one student sustained a minor injury.

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

12 replies on “Montclair State Dorm Evacuated”

  1. You learned from 7Online?
    I thought in the modern world of blogging it was supposed to be the other way around…7Online should learn from you…

  2. Hey Stan
    I posted yesterday
    I “saw” on the news this AM, there was a fire in one of the Dorms at Montclair State
    Posted by: JT | Mar 30, 2006 10:06:20 AM

  3. Iceman, that joke was said 100 times when I lived there. They also used to figure out ways to make the “Stone Hall” letters on the front of the building say something else. Someone once added a “D” someone also stole the “H”. Oh those hilarious kids.

  4. I lived in Bohn Hall for 1 year as an RA. Alcohol and college students with too much time on their hands always made for long nights of waiting outside due to people pulling fire alarms. I’m just glad I never was involved in a real fire. I lived in Stone Hall as an undergrad (the last year it was all male) and came back to live there as a grad student until 2001. Stone Hall was always my favorite residence hall on campus!

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