Chefsmarceric2This is Marc. This is Eric. And this is Marc & Eric. The two chefs bring their experience and their names to downtown Montclair’s new food shop plus a whole lot more. In addition to offering cheese and gourmet shop staples, Marc & Eric is the place to stop and grab inspired sandwiches, soups and salads downtown, pick up prepared dinners to take home, the go-to spot for catering holiday parties, big and small, a cooking school featuring gest chefs from area restaurants and a venue where you’ll actually see chefs in action from the shop’s open kitchen. Expect inventive fare here, like the pumpkin risotto fritters with sage aioli I tried at a party that were in a word, “addictive.” Check out the holiday menus for Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s Eve. Pumprisottofritters2 The latter features a smoked sirloin (like no sirloin you’ve ever tasted before) with wild rice, sour cherries and slivered almonds, as well as a pomegranate & black peppercorn glazed chicken breast with roasted spaghetti squash. Could dinner at home before First Night be the hottest seat in town? Besides gourmet treats perfect to bring to all those holiday parties you’re invited to, you’ll even find neat food gifts for even the littlest gourmands, including coloring cookies with edible markers — a fun stocking stuffer. — Liz George

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  1. aww, i was hoping they were gay. damnit!
    Anyway – has anyone eaten there? We may drop by today for lunch…

  2. we’ve eaten there 3 times and tasted one of their donated dishes at an event last weekend. color me impressed.
    just only wish we were rich enough to afford to host a catered event. the holiday menus (yes, holidays — Hannukah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve) sound so great!

  3. We got lunch there today – VERY GOOD!
    Laura got the Country Ham, Cheddar Cheese & Apple Butter Panini – terrific! She also got the Moroccan-Spiced chick pea soup which was also yummy.
    I got the House Roast Turkey Breast, Pumpkin & Orange Mayo, Baby Greens,Tomato – YUM!!
    Very cute inside too…we’ll be going back! We’ve been wanting a nice, easy takeout place!

  4. Had lunch over the weekend and it was great! We had sandwiches and bought store made bolognese sauce that was excellent. The owners could not nicer and are so helpful. Best new place in Montclair!

  5. I second witchypoo’s comments. Both Eric and Marc are two of the warmest shop owners I’ve ever encountered. I got take-out lemon grass and ginger marinated shrimp that was melt in your mouth delicious, and they gave me a pumpkin risotto ball that is so much better than I could have imagined.
    In addition, samples of white chocolate with cranberries, a variety of olive oils (including truffle olive oil), and the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had (Marc makes it with 68% pure chocolate, among other things) made my visit there that much more special.
    In addition, they pay attention: I had emailed them a question about getting one item off of one of their holiday menus and both promptly emailed me back with the good news that I can indeed order this one dish.

  6. Had yummy chicken pot pie over the w.e.
    Will be back—everything on the menu beckons and Marc and Eric could not be friendlier!


  8. Went again..
    LOVE the panini…very good.
    Most of the soups are good…wasn’t a big fan of the french onion though.
    The store itself is very cute…they really really need more seating!
    Love that you can get the menu delivered daily…wish more places would do this!

  9. Butch Wrote:
    “The store itself is very cute…they really really need more seating!”
    Well Butch,
    As a matter of fact, Eric and I have just added more seating. We now have 25 seats in our Cafe. We will also be changing/restructuring our menu soon. Stay Tuned!!

  10. they need to correct their website…went today for lunch to try it out (new to the area) and they where closed…referring back on the their website in one place it shows sunday hours in another it doesn’t very misleading and pretty disappointing…we had brunch at Taro instead and tbh I am glad we did..just about as good as any shumai or dumplings I have had in NYC..
    so note to mark and eric…update your friggin website…

  11. Trebor,
    We are terribly sorry that you were misinformed. Our website IS updated. For some reason, on the Daily Menu Page it still says:
    Tuesday – Saturday 11am-7pm
    Sunday 11am-5pm
    There must have been a glitch in the system because everywhere else on the website it says Monday – Saturday 11am to 7pm. I promise you it wasn’t done intentionally to ruin your afternoon. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience it caused you and we would like invite you to stop by our shop for a complimentary cup of soup any day (Mon – Sat between 11am and 7pm).
    Marc & Eric

  12. And if you would like to meet them, watch their segment on my cable show..Inside Montclair on Tv – 34.
    ( Mon. Wed. Fri. at 8:00pm )
    Great place, and people.

  13. thanks for addressing this. In no way did it ruin our afternoon, we where just disappointed…sometime in the near future my wife and will be sure to stop by. Good luck.

  14. This place is a very welecome treat
    The bread & soups are outstanding
    & they are very nice fellows
    To top it off the kidies eat for free
    WOW !

  15. we had lunch there over the weekend, it was really nice. the shop is wonderful, the sandwiches were yummy, pb+j for the wee one was free and did i mention the rice balls… they’re OH MY GOD good.
    and fyi– if you go with a small child bring a booster seat, as they don’t currently have highchairs.

  16. Stopped by the other day for a salad and it was great. Nice place very friendly. My one complaint would be that there was not enough dressing.

  17. I was so looking forward to trying Marc and Eric, only to find parking, feed the meter, and walk three blocks to see a sign in the window that they closed early for a special event. They really need to have consistent hours so as not to alienate their customers. Perhaps they can hire someone to man the store front while off working their catering events. It’s good business to have consistent hours of operation. I won’t go out of my way again, only to be disappointed and frustrated, as good as their food may be.

  18. Dear lilyandmilo,
    I am terribly sorry that you were inconvenienced. It can be very frustrating to find parking in Montclair, walk 3 blocks, and find a store that is supposed to be open for another 4 hours closed. I would like to explain why this happened. Our facility is for rent for private parties on Saturdays. Our customers rent our space and we close our doors early to set up their party. We stay open for Breakfast and Lunch and close the doors at 4:00. We were not off-premise at a special event. When we accept off-premise events, we keep our store open until closing hours. We do have staff that runs the store in our absence. In this case, we have no choice but to close early and set up for the party. Eric and I would love for you to stop by the store one day this week or next Saturday and tell us who you are so that we can explain in more detail.
    Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and we hope you understand our predicament. We value our customers and try to accommodate everyone.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Marc Mangano

  19. Hi Marc,
    Thanks for your reply. Just so you know, I actually stopped by on Friday afternoon, 3/10, not Saturday, and the sign said you closed at 2:30 for a special event. Do you also close early on Fridays as well as Saturdys?

  20. They are great!!! Interesting variety of food, excellent quality, reasonable prices, and great service. I have been choosing Marc and Eric’s for takeout over dining out at some of the local overpriced resaurants

  21. Dear Jenny,
    Do you have nothing better to do then to read someone’s post and reply in a nasty fashion, unlike the owner of the shop who tried to explain their hours of operation. It is you that needs to get a life and some class. Your message was totally uncalled for.

  22. I think this is one of the best cafes in town. The service is wonderful, it is so nice and small, the food is terrific and the chips are made right there in the kitchen. I think of this as my secret lunch spot where I can have a flavorful lunch with a friend and leave satisfied. Try a half sandwich half soup or salad. You can’t go wrong here.

  23. I went in today wanting to love this place and to my delight my expectations were exceeded. I got a smoked sirloin panini with carmelized onions & blue cheese; a roast turkey sandwich with pumpkin & orange mayo, baby greens and tomato; and a grilled chicken quesadilla with ancho chili jam. I brought these all home and went halfsies with my husband on each. Everything was delicious – each and every ingredient that comprised the sandwich/panini/quesadilla was perfection; perfect flavor, texture, and amount. Oh and the man that helped me (Eric??) was very warm and friendly. I will visit again and again. We wish these guys lots of success. -Julie (and Matt)

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