Look familiar? Our own Annette Batson discovered this dish and it’s become her new fave. Let’s see how well you know your way around Baristaville eateries. Tell us what it is and what resto it comes from.

Meanwhile, if you had to move tomorrow and only had time to eat one last meal from your favorite Baristaville eatery, what would it be…

14 replies on “Name That Dish!”

  1. It’s a Ruffles & Pulled Pork pie topped with okra and it can be found on the Indigo Smoke late-night munchies menu.

  2. Agree with Diana and Montclair Mom – its from Osterio Giotto and it is to die for!
    Regarding my last meal….I’d have to think a bit on that one.

  3. I believe it is actually the Frito Misto from Osteria Giotto. It has calamari, fried shrimp, fried scallops and fried fish.

  4. I do believe it’s the frito-baked-potato pie that can only be found at the Cloverleaf tavern

  5. I’ve heard it described as…
    “a very yummy deep fried potato chip bowl filled with tempura like scallops, shrimp, calamari, and veggies.”
    It’s at Osteria Giotto and although it’s not on the menu — you can ask for it.

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