WindowpieIf you like apple pie, drop by and try a sample of Meema’s. A new bakery, Meema’s Country Desserts, opened last week on Pine Street, diagonally across from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, about a block and a half from Glenridge Ave. Three generations of the Green/Venezio family are at work in the store, which is filled with pies, cakes, cookies and traditional Italian style baked goods (zeppoles anyone?). If the pie tastes familiar, there’s good reason. For years, the family has been making pies that would sell like hot cakes at area fairs. Loved the apple pie as well as the store’s crunchy, picnic-style chocolate chip cookies. In the back, Meema (she does exist) was making a decadent looking creation that appeared to be a Boston cream bundt cake.


For now, the store is open seven days a week, from 7 am to 7 pm. For info, call 973-783-0100. — Liz George

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  1. I was there and OH MY GOD this store is gonna be the death of me.Where do you start. Sample all you can then buy as much of it as you can because theses pies and cakes are out of this world and you cant beat the prices.And the family who runs this place are just loveable.Meemas will be an every day stop for me and my kids

  2. I am so looking forward to visiting this new bakery on Pine Street. “Zappoli” (and not at a Street Fair)…this sounds wonderful to me already. It sounds like they hit the nail on the head. I wish them great success in there new venture!
    I plan on going today..I will llet you know what i think.

  3. I stopped by for the Grand Opening, so glad I did, no more baking for me, this is it! It really is homeade, never tasted anything as good, pie crusts are so flaky, everything tastes fresh and delicious, lots of samples to try, with great variety of desserts to choose from. It truely is your Grandma’s apple pie cooling on the window, you just can’t beat these desserts. Even Met ‘Meema’ and her family, what warm wonderful people. What are you waiting for! Don’t miss this place, go out of your way to get there, you will NOT be disappointed.

  4. I stopped by there…wow, what a great new place this is…met mom and kerry, both charming…so much so, they’ll be featured in a new episode of Inside Montclair on Tv – 34 very soon.
    go by, and welcome them to town.

  5. The best apple crumb pie I’ve ever eaten! I’ve decided to try a different one every week. There’s that much varity!

  6. If you ever craved Italian goodies, this store is for you! Fresh baked every morning cannoli, apple pie, Italian cheescake,and the crumb cake is to die for.
    While you wait for your on the spot zeppoles to cook, you can shop hand made crafts in one portion of the store.
    Walking in the store is like walking into grandmas kitchen. I guess with Meema there cooking in the back, it IS grandmas kitchen.

  7. just hit Meema’s – first of all, if they promise to give me samples every time I go, I will be there everyday! Smelled great, and so I got a pie. Definitely worth the trip

  8. What can i say about Meema’s? There is only one word the BEST desserts I have ever tasted. On my way home from work I stopped in because i heard so much about how wonderful the desserts were and how loveable the family that runs this place is, boy were they right. All I can say is if u dont stop in Meema’s U will be very SORRY. You have so many delicious selections of different cakes, pies, & cookies. I sampled the italian cheesecake & my only words were OH MY GOD how DELICIOUS.

  9. Well, I finally made it to Memma’s Country Desserts on Pine Street. First let me say that Memma and her daughter Kerry are delightful and that is just the beginning. The homemade cakes and pies are to die for..! I sampled the Apple Pie and the German Chocolate Cake (both of which I bought) and they were the both wonderful. When I said I wanted some Zeppoli..Memma whipped them up and I had a bag of the BEST warm zeppoli ever in about 10 minutes. I bought several more items and when I served them to my family they were all very impressed. I think Memma has a diamond in rough on Pine Street and once people find out about this great little place, Montclair will know it has a new jewel in her Crown. Enjoy!

  10. Well, I finally made it to Memma’s Country Desserts on Pine Street. First let me say that Memma and her daughter Kerry are delightful and that is just the beginning. The homemade cakes and pies are to die for..! I sampled the Apple Pie and the German Chocolate Cake (both of which I bought) and they were the both wonderful. When I said I wanted some Zeppoli..Memma whipped them up and I had a bag of the BEST warm zeppoli ever in about 10 minutes. I bought several more items and when I served them to my family they were all very impressed. I think Memma has a diamond in rough on Pine Street and once people find out about this great little place, Montclair will know it has a new jewel in her Crown. Enjoy!

  11. meemas puts a ‘shine on pine’…its like walking into your living room and leaving with grandmas pie…l.h.

  12. what a cozy comfortable place…its nice to walk in on a cold grey day..and try all the samples…definetly homemade flavors…not like a typical bakery

  13. great desserts…and so many different varieties….things you dont normally see in bakeries, like bread pudding and rice pudding…

  14. After reading the above, I ran over and bought a peach/raspberry pie – and didn’t really like it. The crust to filling ratio was a huge problem. I would say that the crust was 4 or 5 times thicker (on both the top & bottom) then most pie crusts. This just did not leave enough room for peaches & raspberries inside. The crust’s flavor was slightly salty (& maybe baking soda tasting) & not at all buttery tasting – and it was not so much flaky as it was brittle, shattering in pieces when cut. The filling was ok, but swimming in a viscous gel that did not seem to be the byproduct of baking fruit.. but seemed more like a canned bakery product. Will I return? Yes, I will. The people were nice and they need some time to get the kinks out. But for the money a better pie can be had any number of places.

  15. i have to say that i was very upset with the comment that was written by tim because when i heard about Meemas and the comments about the place i went over to try myself and everything that i had bought was grand i had the apple pie that crust was perfect and i guess not everyone will like certain places but i had to write in myself to let people know that i am very picky about alot of things and Meemas Desserts were wonderful

  16. i also had the peach rasberry pie, and i dont agree with tim….the large crust was the unique thing about the pie..most of the time you get a thin no flavor crust….and as far as the filling the ladies from meemas said that the fillings are seasonal, so i wouldnt expect fresh peaches during the winter months, they were honest when i asked…they said that the crusts were not made by machines but individually by hand, so maybe tim got one that wasnt perfect..

  17. first of all id like to apologize to tim,im sorry that you didnt enjoy your pie…i try to oversee every single dessert that goes out for sale, but due to the large amount of baking daily thats not always possible, so it seems that something slipped by that shouldnt have..with everything baked by hand from old country recipes its easy to make a mistake..i tell every one that we’re not perfect..but the quality is over and beyond ‘bakery’ products..its more like comming from grandmas kitchen, and we all have had a few of ‘grandmas mistakes’ too lolol…so any way tim.. id like you to give me a call and let me know when you can come back and i personally will bake you a brand new pie, one that im sure you will admit that is ‘old fashioned good’…and of course there will be no charge…..and to EP…if you come in please let me know who you are, and you can expect 2 things…first a great big italian bear hug…and any dessert complimentary…with my heartfelt thanks for all of your kind words…during these past few weeks working 12 hour days 7 days per week, has taken a toll on me and my family, but all of the compliments we have recieved had given us back our energy..someone said that she can tell that we bake with ‘love’…and thats the biggest truth…just before we put in the key to open the door each morning we pray for blessings for each person that walks in our store..but we get back those blessings by the wonderful customers that make this all possible….thank you one and all, and know that we at meemas…will do our best for you..and if somethings not right, let us know…we re not perfect, but we wont stop trying…God bless each and everyone of you , MEEMA

  18. Blueberry crumb cake: Delicious crumb, but only a dollop of blueberry jam-like stuff (?) on the top and a bit of the same on the bottom. We’ve eaten half of the cake and have had only a few bites of blueberry…

  19. I have been a baker for enjoyment for many years. When I went to Meema, I was curious. First of all, the stores country charm made me feel so welcome. The atmosphere included a small fireplace, a coffee shop, country crafts, and of course, breads, pies, cheesecakes, cannolis, cakes, etc. The aroma drew me in and the hospitality kept me lingering in the store. Meemas and her daughter, came to welcome me with fresh baked samples!!! They were so delicious, that I went in for a pie or two and came out with so much more! I brought the crumb cake and SKY HIGH apple pie to a family party. The guest were crazy in love with the desserts. I had always been a baker and have had many compliments on my apple pie. Well, I’ll be the first to admit this, but this apple pie blew mine away! Why bake anymore? They also make sugar-free pies!! I LOVED this bakery. They showed me so much personal attenton and were so friendly, I wanted to pull up a chair and read a book with my coffee and dessert!!! I will definately be a regular customer!!! THANK YOU MEEMAS!

  20. Meema’s is the best place to buy all of your favorite desserts. I went in after reading all of the comments on this site and i purchased the apple pie and the brownie cake, my family loved both. You get quality products at great prices and you get to meet a loving family as well. This is someplace that i will be shopping at often. Thank you so much Meema for bringing great desserts to our area.

  21. Hi Fran! Reading all the lovely notes from down here in Florida! For once we wish we were THERE! LOL Can’t wait till we come up for a visit, and PLEASE let us know when you decide to get into the shipping business.

  22. i went to meemas over the weekend and i purchased an apple pie and a german chochlate cake–the apple pie was DELICIOUS couldnt ask for no better and the german cake–all i can say is ive never tasted somethin SOOOOO freakin good as that before it was one of the best cakes ive ever tasted before and u cant beat the prices and 1 of the best parts is, is when u first walk in they surround you with samples–its the best and to gonzo–i think that the religious quotes are beatutiful–besides the fireplace the quotes make the place and if you look at most of the quotes alot of them are sayings for everday life and there really not that religious i think it brings out the store…to meema i wish u the best of luck and i will be there alot more…i suggest this place to anybody that enjoys a nice and delicious dessert..i really think you guys are going to make it really big…good luck

  23. Why would you be turned off by the religious things when this store is all about being caring, warm, friendly and reaching out to everyone who walks in the door? There was nothing there that would be directed at hurting or offending anyone. Why would such nice sentiments be a turn off? I found them very endearing and inviting. The products are delicious and the religious “stuff” is an added bonus in my opinion. Take a look at WHAT they say and give it a thought!

  24. They’re a turnoff because it’s a dessert shop, not a religious store. It’s not what one expects to find in a store that isn’t focused on religious items. While I respect everyone’s right to their own religion, I don’t want to be bombarded by ANY religion when I’m just out to pick up a pie. If you don’t understand why it bothers some people, there is probably no point in trying to explain it to you. I am not being snarky–just honest. They are entitled to display the signs, but I’m also entitled not to patronize the store because I don’t want them in my face. If I want religion, I’ll go to church, not the bakery.

  25. Jeez, you’d think they were throwing parable engraved plaques at every customer. I hardly think displaying religious saying and whatnot is “bombarding” someone with religious beliefs.

  26. Be real …you should take a bit of your own advise and “Be Real”.. BOMBARDED…IN YOUR FACE..this is really streaching it!

  27. I stopped by on Thursday after reading all of the good reviews on this site. Unfortunately, I did not like the desserts and the price was disappointing. For $6 I received a blueberry muffin (which was “sweaty” from condensation)and two pie cookies (more dry than flaky). The samples tasted as if they had set out and were dry. Even after the samples, I wanted to try the apple pie. The problem was they do not offer slices of pie, and after the samples I was not about to purchase a whole pie.

  28. My husband and I stopped there today and bought a cherry pie and some coconut biscotti. $17 and change was the total.
    The biscotti was okay. Okay, not worth the price.
    The cherry pie was alsmot all crust. In addition, the crust was not flaky at all, it was crumbly and barely held together and very very bland. It didn’t taste like a pie crust, but something else……flour and sugar maybe? I can’t wuite put the taste into words. The filling was clearly from a can and there was barely any of it. The crumb topping was good, but way too fine, it was like a mass of powdery sugar. It wasn’t so much crumby as it was dusty.
    Samples were offered and the staff seemed so incredibly nice and welcoming, but the stuff doesn’t seem all that great. It tastes like it’s from a cheap box mix.

  29. i stopped into meemas the other day and i purchased the carrot cake and a blueberry pie and i think that they were both excellent the crust on the pie was flaky and it tasted wonderful and the carrot cake oo god what can i say about the carrot cake there really isnt no words for it except for wonderful ull just have to go in and try it for yourself
    Diana-cheap box mix-what are you kidding me them pies tasted nothing like box mix why dont you cook a box of cheap box mix and then try there products and it tastes nothing alike
    and i just wanted to tell all the people on here who dont like religious sayings are ridicoulous i think that the sayings are nice and a great touch to the store for such loving people who are running it
    i walked in and i had samples of german chocholate cake apple pie chocolate chip cookie and carrot cake and they were all soo welcoming and caring so i think the quotes make the place-i just wanted to tell you guys you are doing a great job keep up the good work!!!

  30. Um, again, my OPINION is that the baked goods have no taste like items purchased in a good bakery do or SHOULD have.
    I didn’t taste any BUTTER or vanilla. It’s just flour I’m tasting. There was no richness in the flavor that usually accompanies homemade baked goods.
    Once again, the people here who have expressed an opinion that is somewhat different from yours isn’t a personal attack on Meema or her family. We simply didn’t like a pie. Calm down.

  31. I have them on my show right now…watch, see what they do, what they have to offer..they are a great them..
    Inside Montclair on Tv – 34..Mon. Wed. Fri. at 8:00 pm.

  32. Diana, first of all i wasnt attacking you at all i was just giving my opinion and i was just saying that there pies taste nothing like a box mix or something you would get out of a food store i was just saying that what i got was absoloutley delicious

  33. Diana, first of all i wasnt attacking you at all i was just giving my opinion and i was just saying that there pies taste nothing like a box mix or something you would get out of a food store i was just saying that what i got was absoloutley delicious

  34. Diana, first of all i wasnt attacking you at all i was just giving my opinion and i was just saying that there pies taste nothing like a box mix or something you would get out of a food store i was just saying that what i got was absoloutley delicious

  35. Well Diana i really dont know wat you’re tasting but i think you are WRONG. After my lunch break i stop by Meemas to buy a different dessert everyday and i found nothing wrong with any of the desserts that i purchased. For someone to say it tastes like a box mix obviously doesnt know wat a REAL pie crust tastes like. An for anyone else i feel if you have a problem with all the religious sayings and postings then don’t go. There is nothing wrong wit that its very comforting and instead of talking about saying that it shouldnt be there because it reminds you of church why dont you take some time and read some of them they might be helpful to you.

  36. Nice people, cakes were OK– the German chocolate was pretty good, the brownie cake just OK, and I was not crazy about either the filling or the crust on the peach-raspberry pie. Not too sure I’d go back.

  37. i really think that some of you guys dont know the true definiton of a HOMEMADE PIE i think some of you people are so used to a pie from your grocery store that you go into meemas and purchase a pie and its soo flaky and thick and the filling is excellent that your not used to it cause its not ur average thin crust with a little bit of filling
    well i brought a apple pie and i thought it was very very good
    i also purchased the carrot cake and it was the best ever
    ill be back there any time i need something from a bakery
    good luck

  38. I stopped by Meemas again today to pick up desserts, I purchased the Banana Cake which was wonderful. I will be back time and time again for it. I also found out today that you can call ahead and pre order any of their pies and they will have them ready for you hot out of the oven when you pick it up. While i was there today Meema gave me a sample of her cheesecake, it was so good. Very creamy and delicious. I will be ordering one. Also all of the religious quotes dont bother me at all, if that is not what you are into just dont read them. Personally i think they are great and will continue shopping there. What more could you ask for you get great desserts a wonderful family that talks to you and some great quotes to. WAY TO GO MEEMA!!!!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!

  39. this store is all about variety, i stop in several times a week to see what they have new and can always find what i am looking for. Cakes, cookies, pies, muffins. It seems like everyday they know exactly what i want and i walk in and its there. I have had several of the pies, the german chocolate cake, banana cupcakes, carrot cake, several different types of cookies and the strawberry shortcake. Everything was sooooo good especially the strawberry shortcake. It had real homemade whipped cream that is not something normal bakeries use. IF YOU HAVE NOT STOPPED BY YET YOU HAVED TO THIS PLACE IS GREAT!

  40. Why do I have the feeling that this nice family has a huge fan club– of family and friends– all posting HERE?

  41. i dont know if family and friends are posting here but if you have ever been there the second you walk in the door you are greated with samples and treated just like family. i loved the place it was warm and cozy i sampled a few things most were good, i was not crazy about the peanut butter cookies but everything else i had was good. i guesss its all a matter of taste. but goodluck with your business

  42. friends brought an apple crumb pie to me
    (they hadn’t tasted anything, from there, yet)
    (and i surely do appreciate the gift — thanks, Lucy!)
    but frankly — after reading the story here — i was very disappointed
    i thought that there was too little apple-filling; i didn’t think that the crust was at all special; i didn’t think that the crumbs were anything to write home (or here) about
    i (didn’t h)ate it, though!

  43. I stopped in the other day to see what the place was like. I wish them luck, they were very nice folks but I don’t think I’ll be back. I bought three small 1/2? pies for 19.00 and change. Way too much $ for me for what I got. Then when I left(around dusk)four young men on the street felt the need to harrass my ten year old daughter and me as we went to our car.

  44. Confused Citizen,
    if you are going to post under multiple names, change your posting style
    Love, Raymond.

  45. Latebloomer & EV…WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?
    I never met these people in my life before going into their store after reading about it right here! Why can’t you just wish them well and if it’s not YOUR cup of tea…don’t go back!!! You don’t have to come on this site and knock their products. They seem to be very nice people who are working very hard and trying to make a go of a new business. What do you have to gain by saying things like “Why do I have the feeling that this nice family has a huge fan club– of family and friends– all posting HERE?” or Yup–sort of easy to spot those folks, isn’t it?” If someone doesn’t agree with you and they LIKE the products..then they are friends or family???? I was a stranger just like you and I happen to Love most of the products. No one likes everything in every bakery…get real..Your not in Junior High any more!!!
    Give these guys a break…they sure are working hard for one!

  46. EP,
    this is a forum for comments, not a Meema’s love fest. If you don’t like what people have to say, don’t read.
    If someone opens a retail establishment, they are opening themselves up to criticism, good and bad.
    You’re (not your) the one who needs to grow up.
    love raymond

  47. Helltoupee…this also doesn’t have to be a place to rip an establishment apart. If I didn’t like it I wouldn’t go there. Liking it doesn’t make it a love fest.
    Also, tell me how would I know what someone is saying if I don’t READ it…duhhhhhh! Shows how brilliant YOU’RE NOT!!!!!!!!!
    YOU are the one who needs to grow up and you show it by commenting on my post in your childish way.

  48. I agree with an an earlier post. When you put anything out to be sold, in whatever form, then the product is being opened up to be critiqued, good or bad. It comes with the territory…you have to be thick-skinned to make any attempt as an entreprenuer. While I’m not saying that people should be malicious, their opinion is their opinion. I will, however, encourage people to form their own opinions by visiting this establishment and coming to their own conclusions.
    Now, with that being said, I had the opportunity to visit recently. I have to admit that I am a pie fanatic, so I was excited to hear about this place. Nice shop, nice atmosphere. I nibbled on a few samples and learned that they wouldn’t have any apple pie until about 12, which was disappointing because apple pie is my favorite. I was able to get a slice of peach pie and one of the small carrot cakes. I figured that I should start with small samples based on the prices (yikes). I have to echo the sentiments of yet another poster about being disappointed with the pie based on some of the positive comments that I have read here. I’m not really a crust person, but the crust was okay. The jury is still out on the filling because I didn’t have enough of it to really be able to form an opinion. The filling to crust ratio wasn’t favorable. The carrot cake was good, not fantastic, but good. I’m going to go back again and sample something else because it’s too early to offer a final opinion. But right now, it seems to me as if this place is somewhere in the middle between the comments I’ve seen. Not as bad as some would say, but clearly not as great as what others have said. Especially if you are lucky enough to like to bake for fun at home or have someone in your family who does. I’ll try back in a few weeks and post my follow-up.

  49. Didn’t rip it apart, EP. I just said the products were OK but nothing to rave about. I’m entitled to express my opinion.
    I’m also entitled to state my observation that the moans of pleasure coming from many of the posters sounded like they came from friends of the owners’. Just compare this thread with others, and you’ll see what I mean.

  50. Actually it almostsounds like the same person wrote many of the above posts– the writing style is certainly similar!

  51. FWIW, we bought two pies and some cookies from Meema’s today, to bring to a party. The owner is quite personable and the baked goods, while expensive, are as advertised; freshly made and pretty good. The crust on the raspberry peach pie was in fact thick and fragile but was not heavy and I found it pretty flaky and tasty. The filling was very good though the peaches were clearly from a pre-made filling (as I assumed they would be given the season). There is no question that the pies are a bit more rustic and handmade then most. I think Homemade sums up the style well: I think most folks would assume that you made it yourself – and do not have a CIA pastery chef at home – if you brought it to a function. A nice find though I do not think we will go out of our way to frequent the establishment. Maybe for the odd brunch. A good alternative to Whole Foods baked goods, Nicolo’s and the Malboro Bakery, IMHO.

  52. Not that this thread needs adding to…and I have not yet purchased a pie myself yet BUT! The building that houses Meema’s used to be Andolino’s market, where we used to go to buy imported provolone cheese. My old Dad grew up on Sherman Street, about a block away, and was a pal of the Andolino family. I was glad to see a seemingly thriving business move into a historic neighborhood (recently ripped in half by the train tracks).

  53. I went to Meema’s yesterday and bought a pie, a cake, and choc chip cookies for about $25. So far I have only tasted the cherry pie, but it was very good. The pie topping was thicker but it was flaky and very good. I enjoyed it a lot. I thought the people there were very nice and did not notice any sort of uninviting decor. They explained everything to us and told us that we can call ahead to order our pie right out of the oven. In fact, the cherry pie was just that and it was great. I plan to return.

  54. I bought a blueberry pie last week for my husband, since that is his favorite. The pie looked homemade and tasty. I make my own pies and crust and I know how difficult it can be to make a really good one. I thought that it was okay. I ate my slice, but didn’t go back for seconds. My husband thought it was okay, too. Nothing spectacular. The filling was canned, though tasty. However, the crust tasted strange. It flaked, but didn’t taste buttery, lardy or fresh. So, the crust was the part that we felt let us down.
    They were generous with the samples. I really liked the apple pie, but didn’t care for the others too much.
    The price seemed expensive, but not compared to Whole Foods.
    Overall, it was okay.

  55. i got a apple pie and i thought it was really good the apples in it were very tasty and seasoned just the way i like them and the crust was very tasty and flaky
    i also got raspberry cookies and i thought they were very tasty
    i plan on going there whenever i need any baked goods
    thanks guys and good luck

  56. hmmm….i stopped by meema’s and loved the items i purchased, so much that i have to make myself stay away. the double chocolate biscotti were amazing.
    i tried to post right after using real info. and was unable to. this was a day after the original post.
    i happened back on this thread from the food link and was surprised to read so many negative comments.
    you ask were the positive commentors relatives, i surely am not.
    my question is, what bakery do the negative posters work at?
    frankly, i agree with the poster who stated some of you are truly clueless to the taste of home made.
    I RECENTLY BOUGHT WHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A CAKE FROM A VERY WELL KNOWN BLOOMFIELD BAKER and was shocked when i cut it and the middle icing layer, yes layer was bigger than the two cake layers. DISGUSTING to say the least, everyone noticed this. Too many bland diner cakes and sara lee have clogged some taste buds I’d think.
    Meema’s is good stuff and I absolutely love the atmosphere. Sorry if this place doesn’t appeal to the frou frou among you. Sad to me that the prices here are an issue when few of you would question paying 20.00 for a whole foods pie, mass manufactured.
    Taste, it truly is individual. Just because you live in the high brow areas of baristaville, does not mean you possess it.
    Grow up and give Meema’s another try.
    The apple pie is the best.
    truly no relative, but i am a supporter of small comfort food businesses with loving atmospheres.
    love to all.

  57. This last post cracks me up…for those of us who post under REAL names and email addresses, it’s particularly funny.
    Fwiw, I have no connection to any food business anywhere. I’m just a customer who provides feedback when given the opportunity. I too am “a supporter of small businesses (food and otherwise),” and love to see the ‘little guy’ succeed vs. the mass produced-products. I don’t live in Baristaville or in any of the surrounding towns. What else? Oh, yes…I do have a pretty good idea of what good food is and what goes in to making it. But that’s just ME.

  58. Have to agree. As much as we dig our local, small montclair shops, Meema’s is really just OK to good. The Little Pie Company in NYC is much better, IMHO. But then again, I guess I just don’t know better (I love that)!

  59. Who’s Who?,
    Either you like the stuff or you don’t. That’s it. There’s no conspiracy of rival bakery workers. No high brow pie buyers from Baristaville. It’s really not that deep. I’m sure many of the posters here have ate a bland diner pie or a piece of cake from Sara Lee, who hasn’t? I’m even sure a few posters may even know good homemade desserts when they taste them because they don’t need to go to a bakery to get them. Eveyone’s entitled to their tastes. Let the negative commenters have their opinions, just as the postives have. And, if you want to continue licking the boots and sucking the kneecaps of the owners of this bakery, then you too have that right.

  60. Yes you have the right to comment, BUT..intelligently! Comments like this are so uncalled for and out of control:
    “if you want to continue licking the boots and sucking the kneecaps of the owners of this bakery, then you too have that right. ”
    For someone to get so NASTY and DEEP… (talk about telling others it’s not that deep)… about PIES…I think they really need help!

  61. first of all i think that you all need to grow up this isnt a place to go on and bash the people that work at meemas its a place to just say what you think of the place
    I went in a couple days ago and i brought a applie pie and a german choc. cake and i thought they were both excellent my family seemed to enjoy them too being as i bought them on tuesday and it was all done on wen. lol
    i think the place was a nice little cozy country store it has a great atmosphere and great food i will continue to go back there
    good luck

  62. Well, I read the reviews, I had it on my mind so I stopped in last Sunday. The people were great, but…. I tasted 3 samples, none of which were particularly good. So I asked what to buy, I was told that the Apple & Cherry pies were it! So I bought the apple and some raspberry filled cookies. The cookies were dry & tasteless. Now, the Apple pie… Horrible, Horrible, Horrible. Mrs. Smith has nothing to worry about! The crust was heavy, dry and tasted like lard, the filling was mushy and too much cinnamon. I really wish them luck cause they are nice people but if you like dessert, I can think of much better places locally!

  63. well i just had a apple pie from meemas and i have to tell you that it was the best i have ever had. These people just do not understand what good dessert is all about well i guess it is a matter of taste to. I guess these handful of people had to of grown up on Mrs.Smith pies and do not know the real meaning of good homemade food. And also angers me that they have the nerve to come on this site and try to hurt a buiness like that well anyway i loved what i have bought from meemas and i will be going back for my dessrts dont worry Meemas you dont want people like that at your store anyway. Your doing great and hope you dont go anywhere………… good luck and god bless………….

  64. all i know is that there is some good eating there at meema’s plus there is a really hot guy who is in there from time to time so soccer moms take a look at the new montclair latin heart throb

  65. My husband kept telling me to check out this new bakery he had read so much about. After quite some time, he went out on his own to see what delicious desserts this place had to offer since I had not gotten there myself. Wow, I am so thankful that I was not the one who brought this apple pie home! I’ve never tasted a pie that was so tasteless. No…we didn’t grow up on Mrs. Smith’s, we were raised on some awesome homemade pies as well as bakery bought pies. This pie, unfortunately, didn’t make it very far after the first slice. The crust was way too thick and extremely tasteless. The filling was masked by this overpowering pie crust. Our kids wouldn’t even eat it!
    I think the soccer moms should check out the hot guy rather than the pies from now on!

  66. No i have not tried the latin guy, but i did see him in there any trust me he is nothing to write home about. I would take home any number of the desserts there before i would try a sample of him. NO OFFENSE to the soccer moms that found him attractive but i think before you go get a pie next time you might wanna get your eyes checked the latin guy is not all that.

  67. I finally had a chance to get there over the weekend, You people the talk bad about this place have no clue what your saying,
    This place had some of the best pies I have ever had, and I have had some pies in my day.
    I will agree on a couple things however, The apple pie crust does seem to overpower the filling but there is a ton of filling to overpower.
    There are alot of scriptures but they seem to really be in 1 place, on the way into the kitchen so if you dont like them ..well…umm…DONT READ EM.
    Nice people also, quick to come out and say hello, They were so quick that I never had a chance to put some cookies in my coat…lol..Just kidding.
    But all in all i picked up the apple pie, some pie crust cookies, and a old time favorite of mine Pears in wine..wowowowow they were absolutleyyy the best italian treat I coulda asked for.

  68. Have you seen the article in this week’s Savor section of the ledger? (March 8th).It’s in “Taste of N.J.”. Seems the author just loved Meema’s, I spoke to Meema herself, orders are now pouring in, once again, I’ll tell everyone out there, give it a try, her products are fresh, delicious and definately homemade, chances are you’ll be back, over and over and over…………..

  69. Hey! Ya Have Nothing Nice To Say, Keep It To Yourself.Kerry I’ll be there soon to visit. Hope you relize who it is. Wish You All The Best Of Luck!! God Bless Tracy M

  70. After seeing the photo of the bakery on the Barista website and reading that Meema’s offered such wonderful baked goods, we were very excited to have a taste. We purchased two fruit tarts, a pie and a German chocolate cake. As soon as we arrived home, we tried each one and were very disappointed. We wish the family well, but we will not be back.

  71. We decided to try Meemas on a Sat. evening by taking a pie to a dinner party. They only had cherry & German choc. at the time, so we decided on cherry pie, though we were doubtful after observing the condensation inside the plastic wrap and the crumbling greasy crust, instead of the flaky crust we expected. They told us to heat it up when we got home and gave gave us directions.We thought the price was high,and after everyone tasted it with anticipation- we were embarrassed and everyone felt that a frozen pie for half the money would have been a better choice. The “crust” was tasteless and greasy and there was not enough canned cherries to balance it. We will not go back- we can get better pies any place, nor will any of the people at the party who could not get past one bite.

  72. Its honestly people like “Jenny” that kinda make me sick to my stomach,
    I was unhappy about certain things also but I didnt come into the site to flame the people.
    I am sure “meema” wont miss a person that has your attitude or the 2 people at your party.

  73. Just had a peach pie from Meema’s this weekend…the verdict? Delicious! The filling was outstanding – sweet, but not too sweet. The crust was really yummy with a unique texture. It wasn’t flaky, but it sure tasted good.
    I look forward to trying more of Meema’s offerings! 🙂

  74. Stopped by to buy a German Chocolate cake and was introduced to a German Cheesecake. (Cheesecake with the same topping as the German Chocolate cake) I had to come her to tell you that is was the most DELICIOUS Cheescake I have ever tasted…including my own!

  75. I bought the black forest trifle from Meema’s and thought it was wonderful except for the chocolate sauce on top, which seemed like it was hot chocolate powder with water – a suggestion for Meema’s would be to add fresh whipped cream to the top of the trifle instead – then it would be absolutely perfect!

  76. i just purchased a apple pie and it was the best damn pie ive ever eatin in my entire life the apples were absoloutly deliciuos and the crust was flaky and very tasty any one who wants to have real homemade desserts go to meemas

  77. I’ve been eating the baked goods of the best in the world all my life–my mother. And I’m telling you that of every “commercial” bakery I’ve ever been to, Meema’s comes the closest to mom’s homemade. Nothing there looks anything like every other bakery you’ve been to. Gencarelli’s? That’s shit. All fake ingredients and everything is cookie-cutter, pardon the pun. At Meema’s, you get REAL-looking/tasting desserts that may not be the picture of perfection, but the proof is in the pudding. My boyfriend and I went in one day and spotted cupcakes. Now it was the best damn cupcake I ever had….and I’ve had em all over the world! (sorry Mr. Waltz). Seriously, though. Forget about Magnolia in NYC or the Cupcake Cafe or even Fluff. They suck compared to Meema’s. Also tried the brownies, which are thick and fudgey. There’s a bit of coconut in there to keep them moist, so watch out if you don’t like that. And let’s not even talk about the fact that they give ample samples everytime you walk in there. So far I’ve tried the banana pudding (SOOOOO GOOD). Cookies, german chocolate icing, chocolate cheesecake (amazing) and pecan pie, which I hate, but here, I wanted to eat the whole thing. Last week I bought a cannoli cream filling rum cake for my mother. It was outrageously rummy and delish! And they’re so nice in there! I went in to get my man cupcakes and they weren’t ready yet…they asked me what kind I wanted so they’d make em special and I could come back later and get them. If they’re using box mixes, I’d like to know what kind because those suckers are awesome.
    So, if you want the real deal, go to Meema’s. If you like factory-churned, tasteless pastries, go anywhere else.
    My only question is if they are Italian or Jewish. I know the last name is Green. Anyone know?

  78. They are Italian all the way….
    I asked the same question,
    also Love most everything from the bakery they have to offer.

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