marion brown (2).jpg Marion Brown, the 100-year-old Glen Ridge resident who started the Animal League of Bloomfield-Glen Ridge, and rescued countless pets over the years, died this morning at Mountainside Hospital home. She was just a few weeks shy of her 101st birthday.

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  1. she had it right when she said
    “I don’t like Glen Ridge anymore,” says Marion, who was born on Winsor Place and now lives on Washington St. “I can’t afford to live here anymore.”

  2. Marion actually passed away at home, not Mountainside Hospital.
    She was, indeed, an inspiration. It’s become trite to say, but knowing her and having her as a treasured friend was truly an honor and a privilege.
    I’m really going to miss you, Marion, but I know you are finally with your beloved Bill – and hopefully all of the wonderful animals you shared your life with over the years and helped with your rescue efforts.
    Rest in peace. You deserve it.

  3. Over the years, especially the early ones, we’ve had
    some interaction w/ her & the group she started.
    May she rest in peace.

  4. Marion Brown was an extraordinary person – who loved all creatures “furry” – and the first one you turned to if you had a missing pet…over 10 years ago my orange tabby “Tumbles” bolted from the back door to explore the “jumgles of Glen Ridge” and I called Marion Brown who are very supportive and said I’d get my kitty back (with no ID except a purple flea collar and a scar on her nose)….well, 2 weeks later after posters on every tree and dashing to track down leads – I got a call from a home just 3 blocks away saying “is this your cat with the purple collar”?….when I told Marion Brown she was happier than I was….what a great lady who’s now with all her beloved pets…and we’ll miss seeing the bowl of water left in front of her house for the stray animals and sometimes….a stray neighbor or two….

  5. Marion maintained her “lost and found” list up until her fall last year. She checked the paper daily and all of the weekly town papers and kept a list of all animals posted as “missing” or “found”. There were many animals reunited with their families because of her efforts – some literallly after missing for years. Her love of animals, her devotion to their well being and rescue, are what kept her going all of these years. That, and politics. Ironic she passed early on Memorial Day. She was a staunch Republican and Bush supporter.
    Hell – no one’s perfect and I loved her to death any way!
    GOD I’m going to miss that feisty little woman!

  6. If ever there was a person to model oneself after it was Marion Brown. We are all lucky to have had her around for a hundred years.

  7. Marion – it has been a pleasure to have learned from you! Thank you for mentoring me and others on how to carry on the legacy!
    And – as we sat together listing to Louis Armstrong and crocheting, I’ll repeat his words: WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD … Thanks to you!
    Peace Forever,
    (We’ll be watching over Ella – she’s in good hands.)

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