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Why we live here, and not in one of those McMansion farms: for a sense of place. This porch is on Washington Ave., Montclair. We’ll be back with those old-fashioned parade pictures later.

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  1. Are there flags flying over Crisco this morning?
    Do they have to use short flagpoles and small flags so that their flagpoles fit within their property lines?
    Or do they just fly a flag that has less stars and stripes?

  2. I drove by Crisco this morning and they did have tinty tiny flags flying.

  3. The Iceman enjoyed the bbq…lotsa food, adult beverages, good music and conversation with friends.
    Ya gotta love the good ole USA

  4. why do u say that? i hear iraq is beautiful this time of year…the weather is perfect for hunting and killing islamo-terrorists.

  5. It’s my birthday today.
    When I was a little girl my father told me that I was so special that they declared it a holiday and for years I believed him.
    Having a BBQ later on with family and fiends, enjoying a drink (or two) making old fashion crank ice cream with my parents ice cream machine that is like 60 years old (still works like a charm). Life doesn’t get any better than this!
    The only downside is work tomorrow 🙁

  6. i don’t know about your choice of words, anne, ‘crank ice cream’ sounds like a trademark infringement. i can’t believe ‘crank ice cream’ will do anything but make you irascible and curmudgeonly!

  7. crank it up soda
    crank it down iced tea
    crank toilet paper
    crank tissue
    crank breakfast bar

  8. Woops, happy birthday, so busy being cranky I missed that line!
    And don’t forget to look for “crank’s deep fried mac & cheese balls” in your grocer’s freezer!

  9. LOL – thanks all for the good wishes! Crank – I’m looking forward to your exclusive, patented food line coming to a grocery store near me.
    Had the first vodka/tonic (okay, so maybe it was more than one!) of the summer season and an excellent dinner of london broil, salad, spicy corn/black bean relish (great receipe if anyone wants it!) garlic bread, blueberry tart and our homemade CRANKED ice cream (mint choc chip with real mint leaves and dark chocolate made by my husband).
    I went to the Bloomfield parade today and always think of my father who is now living in MN and will be 80 this year and of all the sacrifes he did – not only in the service, but as a father as well. Makes me so proud and sad at the same time to realize that he is in a minority now given his experiences and life expectancy. I get so teary eyed when I see the older veterans marching. No matter what your views are regarding this current situation, we all owe our veterns a world of thanks.
    BTW… went to the Sanctury Concert series on Friday night to see Modern Man and Buskin & Batteau – they were simply awesome, although it was hotter than hell in the Guild Room due to the storm/humidity. Had a nice dinner prior to the show at the Church Street Cafe – gotta loves those mussels!!!
    Just finished cleaning up the kitchen, getting the kids/animals, etc., settled for the night and am finishing off the last of the vodka/tonic.
    Have a good week all!

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