You’re invited to join a ‘National Day of Action for an Oil-Free Congress” — a demonstration to urge leaders to promote alternative sources of energy and break dependence on foreign oil, tonight from 5-7, at the Exxon station near Bloomfield Avenue and Grove/Elm Street. The gathering is part of a nationwide MoveOn movement.
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Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

53 replies on “As Long As It’s Not Olive”

  1. Going to read them their rights?
    Be sure they have the credentials for demonstrating. Lock ’em up!
    and have the master key to the handcuffs

    na NA na na…na Na na na…
    na NA na na…na Na na na…
    I’m goin down there in my 12 cyl SUV

  3. Read them their rights?! No way. I’m all for public demonstrations, have even participated in a few. Sometimes they make excellent points, but mostly they’re good for a few laughs. Ya gotta love some of the chants. Besides, Montclair isn’t my jurisdiction and checking the validity of demonstration credentials isn’t my usual gig. I mainly work with the younger set and special victims.
    Why so angry Hiding? The rain has stopped for now and the sun is shining. Go throw the old frisbee around with the kids and maybe have an ice cream. Smile a bit and enjoy the beautiful evening.

  4. First they take our handcuffs, then they come for our oils which so further the course of middle-aged congress. When will this liberal oppression stop?
    Factually, of course, we get the majority of our “foreign oil” from Canada, Mexico and Nigeria, not from Muslim Gulf nations despite the misapprehensions of so many.

  5. I just got off the bus near the Exxon and EVERY CAR is honking the horn. I thought there was an accident.
    I don’t know if you guys know how many drug deals you are halting because of the demonstration. You guys should probably stay there everyday so my commute home from work is safer!

  6. Leaving now in my Lincoln Navagator. Wait, no, my wife blocked it in. Will come in her Mustang Cobra. Blue, look for me.

  7. Typical B.S. from Cathar and Miss Martha. Hey, I hear the Flat Earth Society is looking for some new members.
    It doesn’t matter how much of our oil comes from the mideast. One drop is too much.
    And why shouldn’t we develop new sources for energy? It’s not like industrial innovation had anything to do with America’s ascendency in the 19th and 20th centuries. Why not develop new products, new jobs and strengthen this country’s security by doing something other than taking away the Constitutional freedoms of law-abiding Americans?
    Cathar and M.M., keep trying to change the subject with irrelevant facts and stupid jokes– the world has already passed you by.

  8. Guido Santa, may I politely suggest that you are a knucklehead?
    I love the phrase “irrelevant facts.” That about sums up your approach to things, eh, lad? God forbid you should actually research a topic somewhat. You truly are a hopeless non-intellect

  9. Cathar, consider Saudi Arabia which annually invests hundreds of billions of dollars into the United States economy. Your political and economic naivety is unmatched if you believe the US economy is not directly linked to middle eastern oil.

  10. Mikey, you sound as dumb and as obtuse as ever. (I love such stability in a pest, however misplaced it may be.) That Saudi Arabia invests in this country of ours is not necessarily a bad thing, now is it? Do you have something against non-Wahabist Arabs? My point was to nitwits like Guido Santa and MoveOn (do you really want to be included in yet another pack of the thinly brained, mikeyboy?) who seem to think that by raising the spectre of Mideast oil, we should all tremble.
    Well, I refuse to tremble before Canada, Mexico and Nigeria. SO your ability to read closely and comprehendingly is “unmatched” if you think I said anything other than what I repeated above.
    But then, mikey, as I’ve learned, one should never, ever take for granted that your particular brand of denseness has limits.
    Now, it’s back to “Lawrence of Arabia” on TCM, you have a nice night there, laserboy.

  11. Please ignore the burning smoking drum of oil your living room. No, no, no! There is no connection between the success of the US economy and middle eastern oil.
    Back to reality. Your stupidity or dishonesty is behind comprehension.

  12. there’s as much a connection between the success of the US economy and middle eastern oil as there was a connection between Saddam and terrorism.
    In other words, yeah, there’s a clear connection, but not as direct as some people think.

  13. There are two good ways to test whether middle eastern oil has a direct connection to the success of the US economy. What if would happen if Saudi Arabia cuts oil production by 50% or OPEC countries unilaterally decide to sell oil in Euros instead or US dollars. If you can answer those two questions you would understand why middle eastern oil has a direct connection to the success of the US economy.

  14. Let’s see:
    “What if would happen if Saudi Arabia cuts oil production by 50%”
    In the short term fuel prices would go way up. The economy would shrink, perhaps a slight recession. However, because of the high price other reserves would become economically viable. Many fallow US reserves would be opened. If the reduction were long term a new market driven emphasis on efficiency would gain in importance.
    “…or OPEC countries unilaterally decide to sell oil in Euros instead or US dollars.”
    Then oil prices would be tagged to the economic health of the EU. When the Euro lagged against the dollar gas would be cheaper than it otherwise would be and vice versa.
    Pity this isn’t already the case , eh?
    I’d recommend some reading.

  15. God’s in his heaven, mikey is frothing cryptically (the burning oil drum in the living room metaphor was a hint) and all’s right with the world. I love this country, even its hapless nutters!

  16. (opps a little embarrased)
    The euro chart shows, uh, well, the opposite of what I wanted.
    But it is not the end of the world if oil is sold in Euros.

  17. Admitting there is a problem is the first step. Is there a 12 step program for America’s addiction to oil?

  18. Is there a twelve step program for your addiction to nonsensical politicized logorrhea, mikey? Have you ever even admitted to yourself that you have a problem? Or to a higher power (such as, say, your fellow loon Howard Dean)?

  19. mikey, before this, many times before this, you in fact claimed on this very site (plus wherever else you post, and I’m sure you do, such is the dedication of cranks) that the “neo-cons” have had a “plan” for years and years.
    You really ought to try and be consistent. Even in your constant misapprehensions. Did you too watch “Lawrence of Arabia” last night? Both Prince Feisal and T.E. Lawrence had “plans” aplenty.

  20. What a fortunate confluence of events. The Moveon loons are now for energy independance? How wonderful. It we withdraw from Iraq as is their dearest wish, the shits and and sinny fanatics will draw Iran and the Sauds into a region wide war, Middle East oil will become unavailable and hopefully radioactive. Maybe they’ll erase Mecca, Medina, Qom and all the other loci of worship of the religion of peace. We’ll finally be forced to develop other energy sources. I think maybe I’ll join em’ Whoda thunk it! A true win lose!

  21. I just picked up my Prius and I’m mac’in it Montclair style. Itz about the low MPGz.

  22. Mikey, even here you screw it up. It’s “mackin’ it,” it’s not spelled like a Big Mac. (How pimplike a reference from you, laddie, is this to establish your street cred with the other “homies” who post here?) And you want high mileage per gallon, not low.

  23. How do you know that he really isn’t mac’in with a Bacon egg and cheese biskit from Mickey D’s?
    Are you now Cathar the Medium?

  24. If you’re going to try and take me on intellectually, Tu Lose…., try also to do it in a witty fashion.
    You wouldn’t want me to confuse you with mikey, would you?
    Mikey in his Prius (if that was really his post, he’s usually not swift enough to purposely misspell words) is a scary prospect, if only for the false bravado it’ll give him whenever he takes to the highways. But still, you go, mikey fella, you go.

  25. Oil will flow out of Iraq when Cheney-er, I mean Bush, is out of office. Watch and see…

  26. Oil’s flowing outta there now — most since the Democrat-authorized invasion, in fact.

  27. cathar,
    Why would I want to “take you on” you’re not my type and may not even be the right sex for me. I have no idea if you are a man or woman.
    A bacon n cheese biskit is not my idea of mac’in but it may be Mickey’s.
    Then, again you must know since you are the one with the esp power? How is Mickey feeling today? Did his biskit agree with him?
    What’s he gonna eat for dinner and is he gonna get lucky tonight?
    So many questions.

  28. Mikey, in some sense, never gets “lucky” any evening, Tu Lose…
    I recommend the biscuits at Cracker Barrel. Not haute cuisine, but honest if somewhat fatty fare. The nearest one I know of is in Mt. Arlington right off 80, too far via speed-driven roads, as it turns out, for mikey to cruise to in his Prius (if in fact he has one now) on alternative power alone. Perhaps then, if you wish to break bread with him, you’ll have to drive.
    (Does that make you reconsider?)

  29. Remember the NSA “scandal”.
    A lot of crow being eaten.
    I wonder why this comes out on a Friday before a holiday weekend?
    Why, it’s almost as if they don’t want anyone to read it. Now, why would that be?

  30. “When you drive alone you drive with bin Laden!”
    With mikey it always sounds as if Pol Pot might be around the corner.
    If one really comes to believe as mikey does it doesn’t seem like much of a further stretch to label those that “drive alone” are “enemies of the people”.
    And, since we liberals are kindhearted, enemies might be rehabilitated with only a little “corrective re-education”.

  31. Mikey, I kind of figure that, purely for social reasons (meaning choices made by others), you usually
    That way, too, the tinfoil you wear on your head can pick up those “voices” you seem to hear without interference.

  32. Somehow, the words “ride very much alone” got taken out of the above post, at what I hope was an obvious juncture.

  33. You behavior may dictate the success of failure of the nation. You’re actions will prove if you love our country. Love it or leave it!

  34. Mikey, as usual above, you’re not making even a modicum of sense. Either embrace at least semi-literacy or leave off posting.

  35. RoC,
    I’m surprised that you think Mickey should stop posting.
    If this were a realism show and we could vote someone off YOU would have my vote.
    Anyone else for voting RoC off this island.

  36. I said it, “Barista survivor,” and proudly. If mikey can’t make the least bit of sense in even 3 out of 10 postings (and he can’t), yes, he should go back to grade school. Preferably to one run by Dominican or Benedictine nuns in a pre-Vatican II mode.

  37. Ah, so it’s pick on Mickey time again (is that a song perhaps?). You deem that he makes no sense. I have no problem understanding him. Maybe it is you who should learn to listen better. And while we’re at it, maybe it is you whou should learn some human kindness. Instead of criticism maybe an act of kindness, a mitzvah as it were.
    As is said, “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”
    Hubris, something that you seem to have a lot of in my opinion is the reckless disregard for the rights of another person resulting in social degradation for the victim
    Hubris consists in doing or saying things that cause shame to the victim,
    not in order that anything may happen to you, nor because anything has
    happened to you, but merely for your own gratification. Hubris is not the
    requital of past injuries; this is revenge. As for the pleasure in hubris, its
    cause is this: men think that by ill-treating others they make their own
    superiority the greater.
    Come down off your throne ….

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