On Wednesday June 28, 2006 at 9:45 PM there was a power outage at and around the Wachung Plaza in Montclair. The outage was on Park St. from Watchung Ave to Bellevue Ave. Are these power outages going to be a regular occurrence during summer months in Montclair?
Mike in Montclair

Thank you for reporting the power outage at Watchung Plaza and we’re sorry for your inconvenience. As one of PSE&G’s major clients, we’ve been provided with an exact schedule of all the power outages planned for the summer months. Although we’re sworn to secrecy about the exact dates, times and locations, we suggest you stock up on candles, flashlights and beer. These old houses actually are pretty romantic in candlelight. We’ve also been provided with advance warnings of category 4 and 5 hurricanes and we know who will win the World Series. (Hint: it’s not the Yankees.) You should stock up on duct tape too! Have a swell summer.
The Barista

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  1. Indeed.
    The power in the neighborhood around the inspection station blew out yesterday as well, at around 7:30 am.
    Good Morning from PSE&G!
    An informal inquiry at the station mentioned a fire at the Chestnut Street substation, although that report has not been verified.

  2. Broughton Avenue area, closer to Essex Manor, in Bloomfield experienced at least two short power outages yesterday as well – one around 7 PM and another around 9:30 PM.

  3. “Anyone else having Comcast modem problems due to the heat/humidity?”
    Yes, all the webpages I go to are damp and beset by mold and rot.

  4. Sunset ave in Bloomfield was out from 8pm until 9:30 or so. The outage continued down Broad St to Bay Ave- Esses was also out.

  5. if your modem isn’t working right, the Comcast technicians suggest unplugging the modem from the wall, resetting the modem, plugging it back in and re-startng.
    If this doesn’t work, try pulling it out of the wall with all your might and biting it as hard as you can until you hear it start to crack.
    Do not reply to this transmission

  6. There was a powerline down on Bay Ave in Bloomfield from about 6:30-9:30 and the power at Broad and Watchung was out for about 10 minutes.

  7. Hey, techic…LOL!
    I actually did unplug-replugged the modem several times and it works for a couple of hours and then it’s the same problem again.
    We had the cable guy come and look at it and he basically did nothing except what we had been doing. Methinks the modem needs replacing.

  8. Power out yesterday, June 28 in the Pine Street/
    Avenue area and beyond
    from 7-8:30 a.m. Again
    at 7 p.m. Somehow, we
    lost Verizon phone
    service even after the
    power came back on–
    for now. I was told
    that there was a
    “regional” outage and
    that PSE&G was not at
    fault for our local
    woes. Ha! Local woes?
    I’ll give them some…
    but I’m too busy
    plugging and unplugging
    my phones and trying
    them in other jacks
    to “reset the signal.”
    That must be Verizon’s
    way of amusing themselves
    while talking to
    customers. I will, in
    turn amuse my family
    by reaching in and
    grabbing anything
    looking remotely edible
    from the refrigerator,
    waiting for the next
    bout of darkness.

  9. On Forest and Chestnut. Poweroutage for a flash on Tuesday during the day. 7:30AM on Wednesday out until almost 9AM from transformer blow. Again around 7:00PM a outage flash.
    Does anyone thing it is strange that the town knows when these outages will be but can’t tell us. What the hell is that? What about those of us that work from home and are in the middle of a work day and lose all our freaking work when the power goes out. Or those of us that are college students working on papers when the outage goes. Lets go ppl. At least give us a schedule so we know what is going on.

  10. What about those of us that work from home and are in the middle of a work day and lose all our freaking work when the power goes out.
    D- Especially if you’re working from home, invest in an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS). They’re pretty cheap and available at CompUSA or any other computer store. Here’s some more info on the subject. Anyone working at home should have one. (Unless you work on a laptop – they’ve got their own batteries.)

  11. There was a brief outage whilst I was in the Pathmark in Lackawanna Plaza at about 6:45 or so. Lasted only a minute.

  12. What about those of us that work from home and are in the middle of a work day and lose all our freaking work when the power goes out.
    save, save save!
    My Mac Mini seems to run faster after rebooting from a power failure.

  13. Several flashes, a scary humming sound of something about to explode, and the transformer in front of our neighbor’s house on Forest St. melted and began smoking. Sometime around 7:15 AM. Fire trucks arrived quickly. Got home last night to a nice message around 1 PM from the PSEG service tech, checking to see if the power was back on – said it had been a circuit problem.
    I can’t begin to guess what the cause really was, but at least my fridge full of food didn’t go bad.
    By the way, whether you are a fan of PSEG or not, there’s only one more hurdle left (the BPU) until a big Chicago conglomerate starts servicing our town.

  14. chubby- yes my service has been spotty last few days. I assumed it was the weather too.
    I was without power too, so I poured a lemonade, sat on the front porch swing and watched the fireflies. Then I started freaking out about being disconnected, but remembered that my blackberry still worked. I then basked in it’s warm blue glow. aaaaahhh.

  15. HEY! Apply some Windex to that crystal ball immediately. It is by all means incorrect. At least re that part about the Yankees and the World Series.

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