We know no one wants to relive the traffic hell that assaulted unsuspecting drivers in Upper Montclair during Giro NJ. So Glen Ridgers, AND BLOOMFIELDERS, we’re giving you a heads up: be prepared for street closings tonight, from about 7 p.m. – 9:45 p.m. during the Sunset Classic Run. Glen Ridge Police told us which streets along the course will be loaded up with runners and water stations and closed to traffic:

Sunset between Ridgewood and Broad Street
Glen Ridge Parkway between Ridgewood and Broad
Avon between Ridgewood and Essex
Cambridge between Ridgewood and Essex
Bay Avenue between Ridgewood and Broad
Baldwin between Ridgewood and Broad
Osborne between Ridgewood and Broad
Essex Ave between Osborne and Sunset
Forest ave between Osborne and Sunset
Stonehouse Rd between Sunset and Cambridge
Broad Street between Pitt St and Sunset

And here’s what we hear from Bloomfield’s Mayors office:

In order to accommodate the running of the Annual Sunset Classic, the following roads will be closed at approximately 6:30 p.m. on June 29:
Broad Street from Belleville Avenue to Sunset Avenue and all the intersecting streets between these two areas
JFKennedy Drive, North & South, from Belleville Avenue to Hoover Avenue
Essex Avenue from Benson Street to Sunset Avenue
Forest Avenue from Osborne Street to Sunset Avenue
Cambridge Road from Essex Avenue to Forest Avenue
Stonehouse Road from Cambridge Road to Sunset Avenue
You can expect these roads to reopen at approximately 9:30 p.m. Please plan accordingly to avoid these areas of closure during the times stated. If you live on one of the affected streets, please avoid vehicle use during these times. Thank you for your cooperation.

17 replies on “You Can Run But You Can’t Drive”

  1. Dear Barista,
    This Race starts and ends in Bloomfield. The Race is run through Bloomfield and Glen Ridge.
    Is there a reason that you’ve decided to leave us out of your announcement?

  2. Please come out and cheer us on as we slog through the streets of Bloomfield seeking hits of oxygen.

  3. I’d be cheering you Miss Martta but there’s a Bloomfield Zoning Board meeting to discuss the planned condos at Broad and West Passaic (opposite the Friendly’s) at 7:30pm tonight in the Municipal Building.
    It’s important that those of us who want to hear the developer’s planner and let the zoning board know how we feel about this development be at the meeting as it appears that it will be the last of the series before the zoning board makes a descision to grant or not grant the variances that have been requested.

  4. Annette,
    1/2 of the streets that you listed are in Bloomfield.
    Not a criticism just want to make sure that you know that the Glen Ridge PD gave you a list containing Bloomfield’s streets.

  5. What was the big movie or TV shoot tying up a big chunk of Grove just north of Watchung?
    And for that matter, what was the much smaller one (might even have been a still photo shoot) on S. Mountain a couple doors south of Dikes Lane?

  6. That was the new movie called Plofker’s Folly starring several very large people trapped in small bodies.

  7. They’re filming a psychological thriller called “McMansion,” about a couple who wakes up to find their whole town has been devoured by ugly houses

  8. Two film shoots on the same day in Montclair & no hard info on Bnet? This is not what I expected!
    OK it’s partly my fault for not having the Bnet tips line programmed into my cell phone. But still, where is everybody?
    And in other news, I have observed two crashes involving parked cars on the streets of Montclair in the past two days. It ain’t safe anywhere!

  9. Sorry I wasn’t clear – cars being driven & crashing into parked cars, for no apparent reason.

  10. I did well, thanks for asking, Anne. I came in 5th in my age group and took more than 2 minutes off my last year’s time. A bit humid last night, but lots of fun! We had about 50 folks from the Essex Running Club turn out.
    Thanks to all the cheerleaders!

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