Many of us are feeling like our last week of summer was ripped off with this week’s unusual chill out. No shorts, no shades, no sunscreen needed… And over the holiday weekend? We’ll feel Ernesto’s wet touch. Accuweather.com tells us what’s ahead:

Once Ernesto makes landfall as a strong tropical storm, or possibly as a category 1 hurricane, the storm will slowly slide northward through the Carolinas and into the mid-Atlantic states. The combination of a stalled front and Tropical Storm Ernesto will result in widespread heavy rain, potentially flooding, from northeastern Georgia to Virginia. As Ernesto heads northward, it will encounter a strong area of high pressure. Since the high will be reluctant to give way to Ernesto, the storm will move slowly, just spreading rain into central parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey in the afternoon. Since the rain will only creep northward, rainfall amounts will be higher, increasing the flooding threat


12 replies on “Ernesto’s Showers Coming This Weekend”

  1. Crap = There goes puttimg down the top {convertible} and taking the wife for a ride thru Morristown State Park ! Big major bummber. Was gonna nicpic, too. 🙂
    Now I guess we’ll stay home & vacuum the rugs. Whopee!

  2. I’m sorry….the bad weather is all my fault. You see, I took this week off for vacation. If I had stayed at work this week it would have been beautiful out, hot and sunny. My apologies to all.

  3. No, it was postponed because opera singers are like turkeys – when rain drops hit their heads they look up and open their mouths.
    If not brought in out of the rain by passersby they run the risk of drowning.
    The county didn’t want to be responsible for their deaths.

  4. btw, the opera singers are on a covered stage. they wouldnt get wet. and operas in the past have not been cancelled because of the weather. thats why i asked.
    if it was postponed, does anyone know the raindate?

  5. Took a long long walk in this rain; it was fun. There are a dearth of folk strolling about and Church Street et al had a different, peaceful feel to it.
    Made the mistake of ending this stroll with a visit to Whole Foods which is even more tense than usual. Just wanted to assemble a healing circle spontaneously! People getting all upset because a product ran out etc. Cool your jets and disappear into your fashionable wind-breakers.
    Now it is raining diagonally; a great time to clean up and then meditate.
    Don’t know about a raindate; however, technically, it would be a non-raindate.

  6. i would love to walk in the raindate with you.
    😉 or even in the non rain with you. yes, its all good.namaste. 😉

  7. i would love to walk in the raindate with you.
    😉 or even in the non rain with you. yes, its all good.namaste. 😉

  8. i would love to walk in the raindate with you.
    😉 or even in the non raindate with you. yes, its all good.namaste. 😉

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