Since everyone here has at least one opinion on what comprises good writing and more than a few seem to have opinions on fine dining and not so fine drinking, here’s a chance to write your piece:

Hey Writers and Bar Patrons,
On December 8, 2006, DREW’S GUIDES will be launching the first and only 2007 DREW’S GUIDES, New Jersey Bar, Lounge and Club Guide, just in time for the holidays—but we need your help.
Instead of surveying each and every establishment in the State, Drew’s Guide reviews are going to be compiled by those of you who actually spend hours of your time and your precious pesos in these places. We want reviews from the type of people who are going to be reading and using these reviews—people who live and work in New Jersey. And while we would like them to be accurate, it’s also important that they’re clever and well-written.

Tell ’em Deirdre sent you.

9 replies on “Hey Literary Critics and Gourmands”

  1. Thank you for the tip here, Deirdre. Still, it’d be nice if Drew’s Guides actually paid its contributors (as I assume you’re paid) in something other than free copies of the Guide and “reduced” room rates in AC for the launch party for its NJ-area guide.
    I also note that, while Drew’s states an upper cut-off figure of 35 for the places it wants covered, it’s also, uh, “flexible” enough on the lower cut-off to bring it down a few years lower than the legal drinking age of 21.
    Not the most class of operations then, I fear, especially going by the sample reviews of its web site. But again, thanks anyway.

  2. What about Tierneys, Egans, Just Jakes and DLV Lounge that don’t appear on Drew’s list?

  3. Maybe we need a “Drinks” section on Baristanet for user reviews of bars like we have for restaurants. How about it, Deb?

  4. Since when is Bridgewater in the Montclair area? So, if you’re 36, live in NJ, work in NYC, then you’re of no interest to them? heh.

  5. but nightlifers in the Garden State have been left to fend for themselves
    There are already websites that serve as portals for what’s happening in NJ nightlife, such as Clubplanet, and as soon as something like Drew’s Guides attempts to broaden the appeal to clueless in-spot-wannabees, the hipsters will move-on to other places, always one step ahead. Like Yogi said, “no one goes there anymore because there’s too many people there.”

  6. They missed the Front St. bar & Grill in Elizabeth! After a meal of great BBQ & beer & some pool, you can run out and jump on a container ship and become an ex-pat!

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